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  1. From the album: Wotzat production

    for 1911a1

    © wotzat design

  2. From the album: Wotzat production

    for 1911a1

    © wotzat design

  3. From the album: 3d printer

    side and frontal loader for single stack 1911a1

    © Wotzat Design

  4. wotzat

    3d printer

    loading tool
  5. Arf... I am doomed... Everything fits... Execpted the top of the mag... On the AMT, where the bb are retained, it is slightly thinner than a WA colt 1911. Plus the fact that the slide won't stay at the back when the mag is empty. I will try to make pictures tonight. But it is not the same...
  6. So a simple WA colt 1911a1 will fit ? This is such a good news ! Thank you HitmanNo2 ! Much appreciated !
  7. My apology for digging this one out, but, if you want extra mag. What is the ref for it ? Does a simple stack WA mag fit the AMT hardballer ? Has anyone purchased extra mags, and if so, what was the ref ? Thank you for your help on that precise matter.
  8. wotzat

    HWS Blade Runner M2019

    Blade runner blaster
  9. wotzat

    gigant MkII

    Western Arms
  10. wotzat


    Holly smoke...
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