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  1. Nah, he needs to paint flames on the side to make it go faster
  2. You, sir, assume too much. 120+ day geckos (unofficial largest collection in England). and 2 dogs. I won't assume I have more pets then everyone here. I don't want to get owned like you just did
  3. If there is a forum ban on Yahoo e-mails, doesn't it make sense that you can't change your e-mail address to a Yahoo one, even if you originally had a Yahoo one?
  4. Don't quote me, but I'm not sure that you're allowed full stops in your name. Also, to answer your question, part of the fact that username changes are discouraged is to avoid confusion. And don't make a new account, it's against the forum rules...
  5. "Watch me Crank Dat Soulja Boy Then Super Man Dat H**" Once again, I'll get my coat.
  6. If they were separated, I'm certain Addicts was the left-hand side twin (Ref: The Simpsons if you don't get it...)
  7. Finally a thread for those who support the BDU Should have a load of photos in my USMC style after tonight's game (it's not finished but you'll get the idea )
  8. Well I guess it would show people that they can't cheat their way to a high post count because they'd see people who have done it and know it is not permitted. For example, starting a thread and writing "test" 100 times in it, etc.
  9. Is anyone else receiving problems receiving or sending PMs?
  10. Is it just me or does that look kinda kinky?
  11. It's true, Airsoft guns can't kill small animals such a squirrels, they will probably just scare them, though I have never tried anything like that. However, I wouldn't put that theory to the test with one of those Strafer Mk5s...
  12. I don't think name changes are encourages to be honest mate unless you have a goo reason for it. Prepare to do some griping
  13. There is an awesome custom M14 at Wolf Armouries at the moment on disply. It's got an amazing custom paint job with a skull and crossbones on the stock. If only I were £350 richer...
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