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  1. Custom Mk48 mod 1 WIP built on an A&K M249. -Custom CNC machined barrel assembly -Custom CNC machined feedtray cover -Custom ABS 3D printed Mk48 trigger housing prototype -Modified A&K Mk46 rail into an Mk48 mod 1 rail (soon to be swapped for a custom CNC machined one) -Real M240 feedtray (custom CNC feedtray in production) -Real 100 rds ammo pouch with A&K 1500 internals -Real M249 improved bipod (will be swapped for the Mk48 titanium bipod shortly)
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I managed to trade my stock for a SOPMOD and fitted it today. At first there was a bit of wobble, but then I put some strings of duct tape inside of the stock. Problem solved! Doesn´t wobble much more than the LMT, so I guess I got it pretty tight
  3. Did anybody try to build a semi sniper out of the SCAR-H yet? Would the gearbox withstand ~460 fps with the right parts?
  4. Bought mine from Echigoya today CQB-R w/ Madbull RIS II Want to change out the stock for a standard SOPMOD and buy some kind of optic. Thinking of getting a micro Aimpoint...
  5. What platform are you going to use for that build?
  6. Not so tacticool, but nevertheless a nice piece from my collection
  7. Jupp, there are only a couple of minor things that differs from the AEG versions of the same guns. So yeah, It seems to be very "doable" EDIT: I wrote this conclusion on another forum if you're interested! A couple of notes for you who might try this: 1. The most "back" sprint holding the gearbox is not included with the springer version. The "buffer piece" screwed to the spring guide however, is included. So either just leave it as it is (which I suppose would be good enough) or find a matching sprint. 2. The hopunit seems to be a little bit too long where the nozzle meets. Does
  8. Yeah, regular Marui type STANAG mags. At the moment these are both springers, waiting to be rebuilt to AEGs. Springer version and AEG version are almost all identical, so I think it'll turn out rather easy... As for internals, they are compatible with regular V2 internals.
  9. I finally got my hands on these, after only 3 years of searching To bad all my ROK Army gear is on another continent... Toystar K1A and K2!
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