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  1. Couple MP7 questions and comments... I just charged two batteries, and by the time the charger timed off, they didn't feel warm to the touch at all (didn't someone mention them getting warm?) I have two, and figured that will probably be enough for a full day's skirmishing. Supposedly you get over 1000 shots per charge. That seems a little high to me. Anyway, I rarely expend more than 1000 shots in a day, so I should be ok. Has anyone taken one out to a game yet? OH ###### EARTHQUAKE! ok...its over now. Just a little tremor. I ###### you not there was a little earthquake just now
  2. Here it goes, first ever post of of a pic of myself on Arnies. Took this two weeks ago.
  3. What a great video! You guys must spend a lot on your gear.
  4. Instead of simply complaining how "fugly" the gun is, why not show a little appreciation for the design and machine work that went into it? Only Japanese fanaticism could spawn such a beast.
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