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  1. Alternatively, I'm like 90% certain you could simply get a normal Maruzen pistol grip and spare gas tank, and that way you'll have two fully functional guns if you decide to sell one. Hell, even if you don't, you'll at least have gas tank compatibility, which is super cool.
  2. If you're nuts you could always get the G&P buffer tube adapter for the Maruzen M870/M1100 and find a way to rig that on, as that also includes a little tank inside the buffer tube. This guy right here: http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_details.jsp?pid=9377 Should work, but I'd certainly expect some modifications required on the fitment and gas line side of things.
  3. Speaking of the Maruzen M870's, apparently there's a GBBR hammer spring that can be fit into them with only a bit of modification, and doing so boosts the fps into the mid 300's. I'm gonna be installing one for a client, but I will update with a guide and results if its doable.
  4. I've run a similar sized M1100 plenty of times, that should serve you quite well in CQB.
  5. Email the guys at Atacka here: http://www.custom-airsoft-guns.com/contacts/ They're based in the US, but they do a lot of exporting from my understanding.
  6. Yeah, its an SR-3 Vikhr made by NPO and imported by Atacka. There's definitely pros and cons to it, but I'm still very impressed. The biggest flaw are the magazines, which aren't made that well, but the newest generation magazines should be arriving in America soon, and are much much better.
  7. Almost forgot that this fits in here:
  8. Do you know how different/better the new generation magazines are? I'm hoping for normal quality levels for manufactured magazines, but pretty much anything is an improvement.
  9. Yup! I've got 2 coming as soon as he gets his new shipment, and I'll definitely be buying some 30 rounders and a few more 20's sooner or later. These current mags definitely need a lot of breaking in though.
  10. Actually, he forgot to post his neato magazine system:
  11. Is it true that the Kobra's ghost really badly? I've only seen one brand of repro ones, and I haven't heard a single good thing about it.
  12. Won't work without modification, the M1100 Revision uses the short length barrel, and the ring that attaches to the magtube would come in on the center of the fullsize M1100 grip. I recommend doing what some of my friends did and just making a cheap wood grip for it.
  13. Excellent! Also, if you're ever looking to make some cash, I guarantee you that you can sell your services of making steel extractors, I've had a fair amount of people try to buy mine off my guns.
  14. Excellent, I've been keeping myself posted on NPO's Russian site, which is documenting all of the changes they've made over time, but I was partially assuming that it was worthless corporate speak that wouldn't really reflect well in the actual product. Perhaps all this saving is gonna work out for the best in the long run, because its been driving me crazy otherwise.
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