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  1. Everyday Getaway

    M14 Picture Thread

    Typically an OPS silencer has sunk in thread so that it covers part of the barrel and most of them attach to the iron sight on an Armalite. That's why I'm surprised that his seems to fit so weel on a SOCOM 16.
  2. Everyday Getaway

    M14 Picture Thread

    Sorry about that. And true about the fabrication... but I'd still like to know what kind of silencer that is and how he got it to fit so well.
  3. Everyday Getaway

    M14 Picture Thread

    That's sex dude! What type of OPS silencer is that? It looks like one of the ones made for Armalites, I thought those couldn't fit other guns???
  4. Everyday Getaway

    M14 Picture Thread

    Trasher, your M14 is amazing. What brand is that? Also, how did you do that rail on the bottom for the forward grip?
  5. Everyday Getaway

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    That's hot as s*** dude! Is that a SOCOM 16 or a standard length M14?
  6. Everyday Getaway

    M14 Picture Thread

    That's very odd about the CYMA's lack of thread... where did you order yours from? And Evilliboba, where did you get yours? I really want one, but if it doesn't have a threaded barrel I might have to turn away. BTW, your avatar is awesome!

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