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  1. I really like this one.
  2. It indeed looks like a toy Im going to order mine probally next week yeah its not funny I feel bad for brittish airsofters.
  3. Oh jesus at least stick a big-*albatross* silencer on it.
  4. Is... Is that... A PAINTBALL GRENADE?
  5. aznriptide, that is the only AK with cranestock and other tactical nonsense that I actually like... Ive always hated AK's with M4 stocks.
  6. Havoc, your M4's body markings kick *albatross*
  7. I got a question about the JP FAMAS. Are the lower receiver and the pistol grip really metal? A finnish airsoft magazine reviewed this gun and it says that they are not metal...

  8. How about a pic of the MC51K with a normal mag.
  9. PIC REQUEST: An AK74 with a normal AK47 scope mount (like the one TM makes) with different kind of red dots on it. Im too lazy to scroll this thread lawl.
  10. I think this thread approves rusty guns. My Sportline. Rust and white stuff which wont go off. GJ Classic Army. Pick one up and go to play in a wet forest. Oh god why didnt I open the gunbag.
  11. How about a normal AK front end? Altough that looks pretty good... but that flash hider is a nono.
  12. If it would be a normal AK, not a B-Spetsnaz, it would look so much better.
  13. It looks like its drawn on the picture Really nice.
  14. That binding thingy looks really nice!
  15. That hurted me Since you guys probally wont get it, watch Yes, it makes no sense.
  16. Yeah, too bad both of them are discontinued. Well ill try to seek a used one or something.
  17. Does anyone have a blowback Hardballer? Need name of the manufacter and some pics. Kthxbi.
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