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    WA Kimber MARSOC FMV
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    KSC Glock 19 Metal Slide and Outer
    WA SCW3 M1911A1 Gov. with HW Transplant (Yellow lol)
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    This is like a fire marshall's!!! Colt of DOOM! Well it looks toyish but I love it as I had that exact same picture in my head for 2 weeks before I started heh.
  3. When you give a cheapo magnatech: a. Wilson Combat HW frame. b. 1/2 can of tamiya matte black paint on grips. c. 2 cans of tamiya camel yellow. d. 1/2 can of mr. color semi gloss topcoat.
  4. 0.06J with .12g, $168 HKD .. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!
  5. Taken during this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz0pqFTz6OI
  6. bronney


  7. 1. I got 8 3/8" midnight blue version. 2. 134a average 95m/s, green 122m/s. It was 24°C indoor.
  8. Upon trying the M500: 1. The gas output is very stable. I chronoed it both on 134a and green. The fps +/- from 15 rounds of shots are no more then 2m/s. I think it might have something to do with the cylinder's release valve outer ring thing. Kinda like a WA impact lock but round. 2. Also checked flight path at 40 meters. On .20g it's completely straight with no wind -> 2 km/h light winds. That's the stock when I didn't touch anything. On .25 it's tighter yet. I haven't had time to tune the hopup yet but I plan to shoot this gun with SIIS .30g's. And I am expecting just a
  9. Sledge this one's for you My first revolver today yay!! Tanaka M500 Mid-nighty Blu.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking about when I hit the error. Man I love Arnie's.
  11. Yeah that urban pic scare the fruit out of me. We had something similar to this but it was at an indoor venue where we dress up and people could come see. But the PR effect is of course not as great as the guys in sweden! Good stuff!
  12. That's me with the newly acquired nike gore-tex and painted helmet
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