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    My Guns

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    From the album: My Guns

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    This is like a fire marshall's!!! Colt of DOOM! Well it looks toyish but I love it as I had that exact same picture in my head for 2 weeks before I started heh.
  4. When you give a cheapo magnatech: a. Wilson Combat HW frame. b. 1/2 can of tamiya matte black paint on grips. c. 2 cans of tamiya camel yellow. d. 1/2 can of mr. color semi gloss topcoat.
  5. 0.06J with .12g, $168 HKD .. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!
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    From the album: My Guns

  7. Taken during this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz0pqFTz6OI
  8. WA SCW2 1911 Takedown and Diagnostics. Video Name : - Weapon(s)/Objective item(s) : WA SCW2 guns Type(s) : GBB Video Type : .youtube Video Size : - Video Length : 9 mins each (youtube limit) Other Note : Made this for a buddy here solving a 1911 full metal kit problem. Includes general diagnostics so if this is your first time doing a kit, check this out Preview Picture : none Credits to : Made by : bronney Hosted by : youtube LINK : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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    From the album: temp

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    From the album: temp

  12. 1. I got 8 3/8" midnight blue version. 2. 134a average 95m/s, green 122m/s. It was 24°C indoor.
  13. Upon trying the M500: 1. The gas output is very stable. I chronoed it both on 134a and green. The fps +/- from 15 rounds of shots are no more then 2m/s. I think it might have something to do with the cylinder's release valve outer ring thing. Kinda like a WA impact lock but round. 2. Also checked flight path at 40 meters. On .20g it's completely straight with no wind -> 2 km/h light winds. That's the stock when I didn't touch anything. On .25 it's tighter yet. I haven't had time to tune the hopup yet but I plan to shoot this gun with SIIS .30g's. And I am expecting just a
  14. Sledge this one's for you My first revolver today yay!! Tanaka M500 Mid-nighty Blu.
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    From the album: My Guns

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    From the album: My Guns

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    From the album: My Guns

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    From the album: My Guns

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    From the album: My Guns

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    From the album: My Guns

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