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  1. Thanks for the review. I did not know that the SVDS they made used the same (cloned) Realsword gearbox.
  2. Yeah I thought most Russian weapon enthusiasts would like to see it so thats why it was put in here. Thread should be "Russian weapons and it's variations" or something like that.
  3. Silent enemy remover. King Arms VSS
  4. Play to win in Airsoft. Sad. But I suppose some people want that. Also love how they don't have any sights or optics or anything. Aim by hose.
  5. Kick *albatross* Grim!, where did you find that mask?
  6. Our local club 2013 teaser with highlights from last year
  7. Since it's based on AK this probably fits here (Or in the SMG thread) Silverback Bizon PBS Silencer and a PK-AS sight
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