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  1. Might want to change the mag, champ.
  2. heh, I was only joking about. I'd use the same words to describe them.
  3. Looks that way. Our friend in the top pic wasn't even issued a mag.
  4. Awesome AKs Jebus. Two questions. How did you get the plum colour on you first ICS? and is that the original dust cover on you bog standard ICS? thanks for any help.
  5. knee pads or a leg holster maybe? But not both imo. Would look to jumbled.
  6. nice pics Crumbelievable. I dont know why but your last one make me think of 28 days later.
  7. whoslossin92 are diopter sights any good for airsoft? obviously not airsoft games, but are the bb's really accurate enough?
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