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  1. I also am dying to know this. It looks like its a replacement part, but I can't find it to buy anywhere. Any help you'd be willing to share is appreciated!
  2. Is this in reference to the Sales threads?
  3. That pic is pure sex. Fantastic camera work! Did you have a professional on the field?
  4. I just wanted to throw my .02 in here, in regards to BUYERS and people new to the hobby. I've been into airsoft off and on for a few years, but not very seriously. Last fall I decided I really wanted to take the plunge, so I'm in the process now of trying to pick up all my kit, weapons, accesories, etc. I am on a few of the US forums, learning, reading, generally increasing knowledge, but also, to buy used kit. "Why not just go and buy all new gear?" Well, because I can save a few dollars to be blunt. Yes, the new gear is mostly available from different sources. Yes, I have learned w
  5. Mmmm.... M14 making me hungry....
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