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  1. halofanatic333

    Glock Picture Thread

    Those glocks are pure secks
  2. halofanatic333

    SMG Picture Thread

    Got the KWA Mac11 like two weeks ago, I love it. Got the Gerber Freeman like an hour ago.
  3. halofanatic333

    SMG Picture Thread

    I may have to buy it then.
  4. halofanatic333

    SMG Picture Thread

    Does the steel kit work with the KWA NS2's? Just got one today, I love it, but the plastic has to go.
  5. halofanatic333

    1911 Picture Thread

    My two WE 1911's The two-tone is a MEU I got in a trade. Switched barrels to make on all black, also used the wrap grip. The MEU has real wood grips. Sorry for the fuzziness, the camera blows.

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