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  1. Excellent seller, fast delivery

  2. Great buyer. Super prompt payment and general nice guy to deal with.

  3. Great seller, excellent help

  4. Great seller, recommended

  5. Very easy to deal with. Smooth transaction.

  6. Great seller, smooth and pleasant deal :)

  7. Great seller, sold me an amazing 1911 for a good price highly recommended

  8. Thanks for a smooth and pleasant transaction

  9. Thankyou for a smooth pleasant transaction

  10. thanks for a pleasurable smooth hassle free deal

  11. @ Gir. The pic of the guy jumping over the water is made of awesome. It must suck to play in portugal. Id hate to have the tip of m gun painted, the VCR is bad enough but for everyone to have 50% painted would be awful. Gd luck in the campaign
  12. Im at the verge of buying a WE 1911, diamond wood grips, polishing the slide to a mirror sheen, but keeping the lower reciever black. Anyone think this is a good idea? Also does anyone know from experience if the WE 1991 is any gd? Oh and cause Im lazy the WE is a blowback yeah?
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