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  1. If it comes with all the bits shown I believe we MAY have a deal.

  2. I've heard those Elcans lose their zero easily, have you noticed that?
  3. rws591

    $1K club.

    I don't have a race gun, but I do have two nicely tuned pistols. Well tuned GBB pistols can definitely hold their own in a skirmish. You have to play differently, but you can definitely still compete.
  4. Wait guys, he could still put a MIAD on it
  5. On AR15.com when the ban scare was around either Drake or Rich said that a ban was not threatening to their business due to the fact that most of their sales went to the military.
  6. How do you like your CA 416? Do you know if PTS PMAGs will fit?
  7. What holster/mag carriers is Haley running?
  8. I guess for me my interest in Magpul started when I wanted to build an all "tan" rifle, then I found all of the Magpul PTS stuff about a year ago. The gun never happened, but I had already bought my CTR and MIAD and was looking for a gun to put them on. I was also looking for a RS rifle when I found the KAC SR15 E3 IWS. I decided that I either had to get one in airsoft or make one, then I saw G&P release theirs and not soon after that VFC announce theirs. I waited for VFC to release theirs then had to save up to pay for it and every thing on/in it. I put all FDE furniture on it because I l
  9. 416 would work, there just enough cool gai stuff on that basic M4.
  10. Nice! Few quibbles about the loadout though. Different helmet or paint on said helmet, retention holster, and a more "advanced" rifle alla a Masada or SCAR.
  11. Yah, he could have one of those all DE SR15 that KAC produced.
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