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  1. nice, the wood kits are awesome sigma. I wish I had a bit more money, I would get myself a set as well. I'm thinking I would probably get a cyma akm or something and strip the paint and use some bluing chemical along with the wood kit.. It would look awesome for sure. btw, the galil doesn't look half bad. I'm kind of a purist, but the rails seem to fit well.
  2. I was just browsing some real steel ak parts today and found this pretty cool veteran ak wood kit set on Apexgunparts. I thought it was too cool to pass up posting here. https://www.apexgunparts.com/product_info.php/products_id/2034 These would look pretty epic on a ak project gun. Especially since they likely saw some real combat.
  3. frogfish, I had the same exact problem when I got my T97 full size. The thing with realsword barrels is they have an extremely tight tolerance of metal between the outer barrel and inner tightbore barrel. When they first install the tightbore, they spray the outside with silicone oil which almost gives it a suction to the outer barrel. I thought at first it was glued on, but I just kept wiggling and tugging with the hop-up unit and eventually the whole assembly came free. Of course I imagine you were probably worried breaking the damn thing (as was I) but everything was fine after I got i
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