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  1. I guess im not the only one with atacs anymore. Looks good guys
  2. I found the rear on my local forums, Still trying to find the front sight. Wgcshop had them but sold out fast, I seen pictures with the front sights being in fde on a few real steel ones though. Im about to make a 4th one, I sold my other two recently. My ptw cqbr is begging for block II. I kind of want to paint it and wear it down. I only dusted this one a little bit. Its so hard not to krylon everything.
  3. made me go take pics of my almost finished block II build, This will be my 3rd block II build this year. Waiting to get proper kac flip up sights and the magpul ones will be coming off. I do switch between the eotech and elcan specter dr
  4. Yeah its the element copy. I stalked ebairsoft waiting for it to be on there site and ordered it in july. The lights are nice and bright. The laser is a little weak though. I might try and swap out the diode. I am going to try and get better picture of it with another camera.
  5. my camera sucks but heres a couple i snapped of mine. Im going to change out the tangodown pistol grip for a magpul one.
  6. Heres a short video my team member made. We are currently up on airsoftgi.com in the running for a contest. I figured id post it up on here and spread it around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFGceg4WSEc&feature=player_embedded#!
  7. Any more pics of the block 2 m4?? I just put mine together and trying to look at some real photos to get some ideas.
  8. @vercing The next game Pactom will be attending is Op Pine plains. I'm going to leave the eotech on. Will be posting pictures by end of week hopefully of my cqbr.
  9. Debating on to change the optics. Maybe put a t1 on there? What do you guys think
  10. Thanks guys, I must say it is very comfortable.
  11. Does this count?? I never seen another spr with an afg. Aadded magpul afg and peq15 with working light and laser to my ""SPR""
  12. Got snowed in for a couple days so i built this and just painted her.
  13. Its not bad. It would be nicer if the flashlight had a more focused beam and the laser was more adjustable. I almost went for the emod but LE stock fit the budget better.
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