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  1. Thanks!! Kitlist: 2ND LINE Eagle PC (sans cumberbund) 3 SDS Double M4 (woodland) HSGI Small radio (tan as GP) Emdom 6o4 Pistol mag pouch (Sewer green) HSGI Bleeder Emdom SAF Admin panel TT grenade pouch Emdom Universal Rig Strap Sling -BACK- Condor hydration pouch Pantac small Radio pouch TT Grenade pouch TT large GP Pouch 1ST LINE Eagle Duty Belt HSGI Suspenders Tag Dump pouch Emdom small GP (vertical) SERPA for 226 Pantac Double M4 pouch w/kydex inserts TruSpec Woodland BDUs Converse Boots Mechanix gloves Hatch knee pads ESS Turbofans *Not shown: P
  2. This is the only pic of me at Operation Pine Plains this past May. Its a bit dark, so here is the plate carrier. Steve
  3. Nice....I might like to get one of those facemasks. Would they work with regular ESS turbofans?
  4. Looks good! I like the idea of modding the pants to fit the knee pads. What face mask is that? Steve
  5. I am looking for something that rides higher. I modded my Safariland, but I am not 100% happy with it. I have had an HSGI leg platform in the past, and liked it. Figures with my luck Khaki is out of stock for RH on the SKD website. Bummer.
  6. Thanks! Looks exactly like what I am looking for. The search is on!
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