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  1. The BFG Small Utility Pouch is quite small but will be large enough to hold a good amount of random things. If you look on Google images you will find that it can easily hold two smoke grenades and then some, even so it is a compact pouch. As for a 10 speed pouch, if you're comfortable keeping that many magazines up front, it's a great set up. Personally, I like to move other mags to my sides to keep it as slim as I can on the front. Of course, you can still get 10 speed pouches for that.
  2. The velcro pockets in the cummerbund is to a allow you to add Kevlar panels as well as plates for extra protection. You can also run comms wires through there. The loops on the inside of the plate bags are for a strap to replace the cummerbund, however, replicas may not come with that strap. It's a poor design for such a strap set up... The velcro on the inside of the plate bag is for additional protection to be added. Though I have not been able to find any protection panels that you can add. The velcro at the bottom of the bag is for the strap to replace the cummerbund. The ka
  3. The FG gear offered by TMC looks to be incredibly grey. You should look into a few of their rigs.
  4. Leon, I'd love to sell it to you but I'd rather sell it all as a package and get rid of my magazines as well. Thank you for buying half of my things!
  5. I actually started out using two points and I hated them. Once I switched to single point slings I loved that design but I always wanted to be able to transition between single and two point sling configurations, so I bought the VTAC sling and was going to add sling mounting hooks that allowed me to use it as a MagPul sling. Though, when I attached it as I have it now in the pictures, I love the way it is and the quick adjust feature of the VTAC sling is fantastic. I've been running the sling like this for over a year and I am now using similar sling configurations on all my rifles. I sti
  6. This is my KWA MP7. I really like the way it feels and the way it looks. I also have a T-1 AimPoint and a PEQ-15 that I sometimes put on this, but those parts are usually on my M4, which you can view in the AR15 Picture thread if you'd like. The only things I have done to it is make a notch to allow the stock to be in a shorter position compared to the fully extended position, and added a replica MS3 sling, which is on par with the quality of the real MS3 sling. I've got the "CQB" Bolt, and the "Field" Bolt, and both work wonderfully. Even though the weight difference in the two bolt
  7. My VFC M4. It started out as a Knights SR-15E3 but I changed around a few parts. I love the way it looks, runs, and feels. Still, I've been thinking about letting it go to a new home, but perhaps not.
  8. I've actually been thinking about selling both of them, I haven't even used the MP7 in a game. Both run beautifully though, and I love the way they look. I do put the T-1 AimPoint and the PEQ on the MP7 at times. And excuse the flash in the pictures, I did not notice it until I uploaded the photos.
  9. Well, I wouldn't necessarily say that Snigel Designs gear is not of high quality. Though, as you put it, their gear is not generally that "high speed" when compared to many other manufacturers. The plate carrier that Snigel has made is too complicated and over-designed, in my opinion. The main reason why the plate carrier was not widely fielded is because it does not meet the requirements of the average soldier, or it does more than the average soldier needs. On the other hand, groups like SOG are able to get ahold of kits that are generally better designed than the ones that Snigel have come
  10. I have also seen it in a few pictures though I do not know much about them in terms of official statements regarding the issuing of the plate carrier. I do believe that it was first introduced as a piece of kit for trials when the military was trialling new gear. After that, I have been told that a number of the ones used in the trials were kept by troops, a few more were issued, and some were purchased privately. Of course, I do not claim this to be the facts, it is simply what I have heard about it from others, even from people in the Swedish military... But take it with a pinch of salt. Hop
  11. The problem about trying to source a Stridsväst 2000 is just that, they're very expensive because they are very rare. It's a piece of kit that troops are required to return to their respective armory, along with many other parts of their issued kit. Only a few items are considered to be expendable and replaceable without having to sign for it. However, since the relatively recent decision to produce and issue several new gear designs, there could be an influx of Stridsvästar on the public market, potentially lowering the average pricing. Though, I would not be surprised if the majority of
  12. I remember seeing smoke grenades rubber banded in the MOLLE like that in several photos, but I think that they were all before 2006. It seems that such a practice is not as widely done, at least not in front of cameras… When it comes to the smaller details, I agree with you, it's best to keep the more useful things higher up on your list of priorities. But I think that your kit is put together well so far, and you don't seem to have that much to add. I am not an expert on UKSF kits, but I do think that I remember seeing UKSF guys kitted out with BlackHawk pouches on their RAVs and SOHP
  13. Even for medic or breacher kits it is important to keep hydrated so they would carry water, depending on the mission profile. I would definitely recommend that you have a way to carry your water, whether that be in a pouch on your back or simply putting a water bottle in your cargo pocket or utility pouch. Keeping yourself hydrated is always good, no matter the environment may be in. Besides what was posted above mine, I would also recommend that you put your smoke grenade in a pouch, and it would look a bit more authentic with an IR beacon that is appropriate to the timeframe of your kit
  14. Due to the increased circumference added by wearing a plate carrier should make it difficult to use a cross-draw style holster position. Generally, I don't like wearing a holster because it is so often conflicting with my other gear, but now that I use the aforementioned SafariLand 6004 on a UBL mount, it does not feel uncomfortable to wear it. Most of the time I do not use a sidearm but when I do, I like to make sure that I can draw it without any problems. When I had a SEPRA holster with a MOLLE mount, I put it in the same position as the handgun in FrogFish's picture, however, it was o
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