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  1. This is going to slay in CQB! Hopefully should be straight forward to get a skeleton stock on it, and (eventual aftermarket) shorter barrel kit, and a rail for a flashlight.
  2. Fun factoid, the original TM Recoil patent was submitted with an M4 & MP5 variant. On the glock front, an updated 18c or a 17 with an RMR cut would be great.
  3. The AR could be a Sig MCX, the back part does somewhat resemble the back of the MCX/MPX. That would also tie in nicely with a potential Sig M17/19. I'm absolutely up for a TM NGRS M13/MCX.
  4. Made by two entirely different design teams, one of which only had photos to go off.
  5. I had one of these holsters during the year I had my TM PX4. I don't really rate them as high as the Blackhawk's. They do look utterly gorgeous though, as the PX4 one mirrors all the trade marks from the gun onto the outside of the holster. What I found though was that the pistol could be released if you fell on the holster, which led me to a half hour frantic searching in bushes during a night game. Not cool. My other beef was that it doesn't sit as close to the body as the Blackhawk CQC/L2/L3's.
  6. Someday I want to be as cool as you
  7. Executive Summary: These are utterly terrible. Introduction: As a g36c aeg owner for the past 5-6 years, I've probably experienced the pain of what most people with the platform have gone through. They are incredibly sweet guns in terms of features and ergonomics, but the choice of magazine design by the true polymer manufacturer h&K was a shocker. The clips are bulky and annoying, the mags themselves are already huge, the clips snap off if you try to use the clip feature, they snag on most mag pouches and you feel bulky as anything trying to carry a decent number of mid
  8. How are people getting on with the hop by the way? There was some ruffle about the nub being one piece with the arm, and even Redwolf commented that it was finicky in their video.
  9. Although, depending on the available space within the airsoft gun between the casing and the internals, it shouldn't be too difficult of a job to modify the existing molds. Just make the tabs recess a bit deeper in the tooling steel. Less steel on mold equals more polymer on the part.
  10. Pro-tip for further development work on future products. It's called FEA (or finite element analysis) and there are many version of the software available. It allows you to simulate and test parts under different stresses to determine if a part has a suitable factor of safety and is up to it's intended task. I'm available for freelance on weekends.
  11. Always nice to meet a fellow Degree-certified Engineer currently employed in a Mechanical Engineering position. I tip my hat to you sir.
  12. Aod, are you a retailer?
  13. How are people getting on with PX4's and dirt? One of the reason I sold my TM PX4 was due to the utter finickiness of the thing when it came to playing in a dusty environment. The hammer mech, blow back housing and safety switch would get gummed up constantly. I wasn't over lubing it either. In CQB/indoors/not dusty it worked like a dream.
  14. You're saying the The PDR doesn't have back up sights because tank crews as just suppose to spray the 20 round short pmags down range without a care where the bullets are going? By that logic what's the point in even having a top rail? All the prototype images of the original real steel (real polymer?) have optics and buis on there. They are not in the PTS PDr box for the same reason as the streamline PTS acr, cost cutting. And not for the consumers benefit
  15. What's the shot capacity from one full mag at room temperature for these guns?
  16. Can I suggest you do some reading into social media advertising, it's going to become increasingly relevant as we move further into the 21st century. Please have a really good think about this one, you seem an intelligent man. Try and think outside the obvious BUY THIS form of advertising and more into the subtle side of things. But thanks for the advice, as one vanilla forum member to another i'll take that on board. Back on topic, damn shame about these things, my entire skirmish group was queuing up for these. We'll wait and see on more news for this first before taking the plunge.
  17. I didn't ask him to stop providing relevant information that helps gain interest with the target market (us) on PTS products with the end game of driving sales higher. I merely suggested not to immediately jump on people for expressing an opinion that they wish X did Y instead of Z. It's an internet forum for airsofters to discuss their hobby and wishes and desires, talk war stories, show pictures etc. So really CK, it's the other way around, it's lucky that this forums allows such open commercialism and advertising to go on.
  18. USMC_Corps, You really need to stop jumping on people as soon as they express an opinion that PTS doesn't shine the rays of the lord jesus forth into the world. Pull back a little bit.
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