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    BB Bastard NITES

    Reuse forever? Yeh, try finding black BB's in a wood environment. 8 per packet.. how much per pack/bb? Unless they sell for about the same cost as SGMs you probably wont sell many.
  2. I love FS: I ordered a hop unit I needed for a game on a sunday, on friday night at 5pm. They managed to get it to me for 8:30am saturday Only problem I had - they sent some krylon I ordered too no.26, not no.126. They rang me and asked why it wasn't delivered, realised their mistake and sent it off again; I received it the next day. Always have been fast and good service, would recommend them to all.
  3. Haribo is a cool name. My cats are called Zeus and Brutus A guy came round earlier asking if we'd seen the big black n white cat. Apparently its name is Tony and he wants him back home :S I invited him to stay and wait with some food and a cage but the rain put him off. Tony the cat..
  4. Its a sign, you should keep said kitty But they're a bunch of bellends for ripping down signs like that. I'm sure as kids if their cat/dog/donkey ran away/got lost they'd have cried their eyes out. On more cat related stuff: People presume where I live is a farm and we have had many cats dumped on our doorstep because their owners don't want them anymore. Problem is the dumped cats are very scared and unsociable, so scrounge a *suitcase* living sneaking in to eat food and running off again. Currently there's a giant black and white tom nicking food, cant try and socialise him becau
  5. Job websites and bad descriptions. So I'm looking for a job, and I'm a recent graduate.. It lists - Optics technician - Perfect Graduate Opportunity And I think, I can do that, I can do that very well.. Look further.. Minimum 2 years experience in professional environment. I'm sorry, but how is it a perfect opportunity for grads if you require 2 years of experience? I keep coming across these listings and its driving me nuts. How am I meant to get / have experience if no one will employ me in the first place? Bah. AND the cats brought a bird in this morning and I wo
  6. On a similar note: I sent an RPK bipod out earlier and the first two post offices I went to were shut for lunch.. Who in this day an age shuts for lunch? Its like living in France.
  7. @Stuey He speaks truth -> go look up Hubble's Law/Constant on wikipedia and the cosmology surrounding it. The rate (acceleration) of expansion is decelerating.. On astro related things, guy I met at uni is on 'The sky at night' with Sir Patrick Moore talking about a 350Msun star they have found.
  8. People calling from Withheld numbers. Very annoying, you dont have a clue who it is or where the call is coming from. Especially annoying if the person on the other end is an Agent for a job you're applying for. With a withheld number you cant go and look it up to make sure it aint a conman or someone messing about. made more annoying if you have 4 or five different agencies trying to get you employment. it becomes quite hard to tell them apart if you dont have a caller id when the call comes in.
  9. I generally chat to the door-to-door religious peoples if I havn't got anything better to do. Last time the mormons came round I got a bible, some pamphlets and a phone number for 'the elder ones'. I like to ask them questions leading into something they cannot explain, and the classic questions such as 'Why does God allow birth defects?', 'how did plants survive the great flood?' etc Mormons are good, they have a lot of weird history, such as their founders killing Native Americans and settlers who didnt agree with them. Jehovas witnesses are good too, 'why are only 144,000 peop
  10. Yeh I had too look about to find good solder. My thesis supervisor gave me a roll of good stuff when I explained my problem to him though . What wattage is your iron? people say 20w will do, but I find I use at least 35w just so it heats things up quick. I got to use a really great one at uni with temperature control to the degree
  11. Im just annoyed I had to spend an hour redoing my CV in word when it looks much better in its original form. At least the job I did it for have already gotten back to me re: interviews, which is very nice
  12. Bloody job websites not accepting CV's in PDF format. Some only accepting the MS doc/docx format. *fruitcage* that, I should be able to make my cv in whatever package I want. Because of the restrictions I cant use a nice professional typsetting software and as such my cv looks the same as everyone else's and I have to put up with MS word/open office.
  13. They are asking me to bring proof of doing it in... like a print out of emails confirming application etc. @Hedge: I hate the no response policy most places seem to operate now. Spend an hour filling out their *suitcasey* custom forms and writing cover letters etc, then they dont have courtesy to send off an email simply saying 'sorry but you havnt got the job/interview'. Such email would take all of 10 seconds to write. The worst thing I've had so far is applying for a job I have plenty of experience doing (IT work in a college) and have excellent references (Managers of severa
  14. I have signed onto the dole today. Bit depressing but I need money while I find work. My rant is how easy it is to fulfill their 'Job Seeker's Agreement'. To get my £55/week JSA all I have to do is 'take 3 steps towards getting a job a week'. A step can literally be looking at the paper.. looking on monster.. maybe ringing a company.. Its too *fruitcage* easy, I can see how people can sit on JSA for ages because they just seem to be giving money away. Today I applied for a job, had a phone interview for a different job and rang a friend's friend about possibly working f
  15. Vice

    ICS AK74M

    Cyma rear wired V3 will work.. The ICS one is better though, why bother replacing it?
  16. At least there's a plus side to losing your legs.. Last night I went to see my brother play with a band he just joined. IT was really good, all of them very talented and the songs very light hearted, tongue in cheek style folky stuff. But it was spoilt by a large contingent of people standing by the bar at the back chatting away through the entire set. What's the point of going to listen to live music when you dont listen to the loud music? It was quite a small venue but there was about 150 people there, and the 30 of those chatting constantly and loudly spoilt it for the rest.
  17. Agreed I dare'nt go into Castleford where I live between 11 and 3 due to the armada of mobility scooters and the 30 stone blobs driving them. See them parked outside Greggs bakers and they get their kids/grandkids to go inside and fetch them a pasty.
  18. I hate horses. I hate the fact they are allowed to *suitcase* everywhere and get away with it. Recently I've been cycling and walking in the country a lot (everyday for the last week) and on every bloody path at some point there is a lovely pile of *suitcase*. And they're never small piles either, *fruitcage* mountains of *suitcase* across the goddam paths. If dog owners get fined for letting their dogs foul public places, why are horses allowed to? They are not used for transport anymore so why should they be treated differently? All they are is spoilt little girl's (general
  19. You should open the door if they come round, bare chested with a gun in each hand and say in your best Arnie voice 'bill this'.
  20. Yeah.. good luck. My mate who did Politics w/ Philosophy is off to Sandhurst in september
  21. Just got my MPhys Physics degree - Hedge you're filling me with confidence over job prospects.. I'd say about half of the people on the course are now too geeky to function in everyday society - they cant hold a normal conversation and know little about anything except from Physics, computers, games and anime (and how to not take a shower in some cases). The odd thing I noticed was the more 'normal' people seemed to do better grades wise. Today's annoyance and a major annoyance since I've been about 15.. My bloody height. Went to find a shirt for me suit as my only other one has d
  22. @Desolation - As a fellow Leeds citizen I must say I have ALWAYS flagged busses down - so does every bus-taking person I know. But I must agree, my experience with First and Arriva especially after using the amazing Stagecoach service of Sheffield (50p student ) has been bad. Nearly been hit by first busses many a time, especially around chapeltown/crossgates in the tighter streets they seem to fly round bends without looking and crossing fully onto my side of the road. Also in past work at Leeds Thomas Danby College (now Leeds City College) one of the tutors I knew taught basic maths
  23. TV *fruitcage* LICENSING You cannot cancel a TV license without providing evidence you have moved out or died... Having no evidence of either meant I had to pay them another installment while waiting for some final bills. BT - I cant cancel my contract without a charge. My contract which is apparently a year long, even though I specified I would only need 9 months and they confirmed on the phone it could be canceled anytime with no charge. If I don't cancel the poor sods moving into my student house cant have internet/phoneline installed. You'd think with the hundreds of
  24. I had a similar experience. I had been given homework in year 10 or so for English, I completed said homework and handed it in, however I had written it in red pen as I could not find blue/black/magenta/w/e. Teacher for some reason goes ape####, has a go at me, gives me a detention and a shouting at in front of the class making up some *suitcase* about impersonating a teacher and not doing my work.. (even though the work was thorough, complete and most likely highest scoring in the class) Now I ###### off goes home and complain to my Dad, who happens to be chair of governors at the schoo
  25. Hmm I've had food colouring stain my hands for a few days before. So the linament stuff is like extra strong muscle rub? I can imagine the shriek as they got clean the nads.. I was thinking of grinding up some habereno chilies (scotch bonnets) I have lying about and mixing them in. Maybe we should have a vote.. any more suggestions are welcomed.
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