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  1. what ligth/suppressor combo will you eventually end up going with? I wish i still had my TM hk45 and knights suppressor but...since getting out of airsoft an moving over to RS, i wish i still had it to at least plink with.
  2. *sigh*....I truly envy you NonEx!...IF you ever decide to sell...I'll happily take from you very nice though! Clean and simple
  3. Thanks man! I actually just recently did the same, put my belt on and did some practice reloads with 5 mags at various speeds. I'll definitely do the 20-40 sets to get more proficient. Plus from most the research I've been trying to do and various videos of individuals doing reloads an speed reloads I see that they're using for the most part a stock glock with no other or not much additional add on aside from an rmr or the usual taclight.
  4. Yes!! The Agency Arms one...haha my bad, I was getting them mixed up for some reason
  5. Unfortunately I live in ComiCali...so CCW an life threatening situations are something I don't quite face on the daily...Although heading to the range to train and become a better and proficient shooter is something I do do quite often. Given as since its just a flared magwell add on (currently awaiting for the magpul one but they're taking too long to release it) and doesn't necessarily serve as a huge aid in a life or death situation but rather enhance an assure in mag reloads, I was curious as to the cross over of such a part having the ability to serve its use on a RS. Given this
  6. Hey guys....I got a question...and to be honest I'm well aware that it is a pretty STUPID one too....BUT!....I figured why not: I've recently transitioned over to real steel while still having the fondness of having an airsoft counterpart...question is: With glocks and some of the fancier magwells out there going for upwards of $100....for a darn MAGWELL...would you guys say using an ACE1Arms ZEV replica magwell on a RS Gen3 glock 19....well...would anyone else here use one??? I mean....$30ish vs. $100 or more...???.....am I the only one who has thought this or considered it? Given we
  7. Will you be dressing her up with pics soon? suppressor an light an all the goodness your guns are known for?
  8. I love this...but I hate you...I wish I had this in an airsoft version but will have to settle for trying to just build one RS. But his is a beautiful 19!
  9. Really like how clean it looks and the idea with putting the battery in the grip. I am curious though, how long does the battery last if used in a game and if in said case the battery dies while in game, how difficult is it to swap out for a fresh one? If I ever get my hands on a 416C I'd wanna do the same thing you guys have done.
  10. Probably have to take a hair dryer to it to warm the glue up I'm guessing...
  11. ok..question guys..went back to the VFC mk18 platform..sadly I'm concerned about a few things. For starters there no Daniel Defense trades on the rail.. and secondly, I tried to attach my magpul pts 51t flashider on it..and to no avail would not fit!! Anyone have any idea?? pics: 2nd pic: in this one it appears there's an extender piece but I'm not sure. Can anyone help? Looks like a washer or rubber o ring..if that's the case..anyone know if it's CCW or CW?
  12. Ok...so I ended up not going with the VFC Mk18 that I was originally going to get, and somehow ended up in the possession of a G&P colt MBK...but GBB based! So.....if anyone on here can message me who happens to be familiar with G&P/WA GBB series as I'm going to just build finally a GBB and could use some help sourcing certain parts so as to put together a block 1&2 configuration. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  13. question: Does anyone know if any other brand upper or where I can get a replacement upper for a VFC m4 series AEG? I have the mk18 mod 2 and want to get another upper to swap out from block2 to block 1. Any help would greatly be appreciated or if anyone else has a spare upper that can mate with a VFC m4 lower. Thanks!
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