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  1. So I saw a really cool looking technique in the painted guns thread, and thought I would have a go on my helmet. I am pleased with the result, though I think when I get round to doing a gun in this manner there are a few things that I will do differently, but its all good experience and I am still happy with the helmet.


    More photos in the links but here are two to look at:







  2. I have a question for any ICS ak users. Are ICS parts compatible with any other manufactures? I ask as i have damaged the reciever on mine and need a replacement but cannot find them in any of the usual places. (wgc/uncompany/ehobby/cobra) and really dont look forward to the prospect of my rifle turning into a wall hanger. So does anyone know if any of ak receiver would work?

  3. maybe not, but as I have one I can say its quite worth it, 4x scope with good eye relief, nice large diameter and field of view as well as its not ghetto electrical taped to your gun, you even get a nifty rangefinder built into it



    surely taping it on is in the true spriit of an ak? Well I will see tomorrow how well it works. If it does then money well spent, if not then its only £9 and I will just use the scope loose in a pocket ;p

  4. Yep im a leftie ;p Will see how it works this weekend, just wanted an option for spotting without having to put big optics ontop of the gun and not being able to use the iron sights. £9 monocular off ebay tape it on in true AK style problem solved ;p

  5. Actually, I need to buy LONGER BDUs, I'm pretty tall, about 199cm. The stuff I'm wearing fits my waist and chest fine, but the sleeves and the legs are too short. It's hard to find long fitting BDUs... :(


    Jon L, how do you find MARPAT working in your field? At the site I play at the ground is pretty green and the vegetation is quite thick in the summer, so I find that MARPAT works well in the Autumn and Winter, but in the Spring and Summer I run CADPAT due to the overgreeness. :D



    Lol pretty much as you say there chap. spring and autumn are marpat for me but im using cadpat atm due to all the greeness. A few weeks ago we had all the bluebells up, had a nine inch carpet of green topped with blue. I was lying out in the open most of the games in my cadpat and no one could see me it was great. The bluebells have died down now, but there is still plenty of green about so im sticking with cadpat till the green starts to fade, then it will be flecktarn for a month or two, then back to marpat again.


    I may well be coming up to play a game or two at NCIS, as my mate is going to uni at herriot-watt ;p lucky git having a site right next to his campus...

  6. It seems that most of the comments on here are from one side of the event all the US rangers players. And eddyboydude comments seem to amount to if you didnt enjoy yourself as much as i did your a noob? Just reinforces the points that both the OP and angel have pointed out about double standards.


    Its very similar to GZ NAE09. When a lot of bad feelings came on zeroin about delta. Which were either immediately deleted or denounced by delta players as everyone else not being good enough or just being noobs.

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