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  1. got my cadpat through yesterday. not the best photos but hopefully will get some better ones from the mall this weekend.
  2. maybe just trying to keep the front as clear as possible to make going prone easier ?
  3. the last 50 pages not give you any inspiration ?
  4. Bit of a necro I know but i have a question about the rotating magwell. It rotates from the storage position facing down to the 9 O'clock position for shooting. Can it be rotated to the 3 O'clock position for shooting? Im a leftie, and love the look of the gun but would not buy one if this could not be done, or easily adapted.
  5. Darklite i thought that in the first picture you had butchered the top of the handguard and stuffed a laser unit in whilst retaining the front sight, looks great, then i saw the second pic and its only strapped onto the side, but still loving the foregrip.
  6. Really like the VSS, apart from the massive cheek piece, just makes it look a bit odd, but love the rest.
  7. Jon L

    Custom Gear

    Two things that I have done recently (harness still not finished). First was a web-tex molle double ak pouch in dpm. Not being a fan of velcro or the poppers but being bugger all other choice for double pouches in dpm I bought them along with some other stuff from flecktarn.co.uk. Then made a stop at my local surplus shop bloody handy living near a army barracks. These guys had mountains of spanish fly clips from all the modifications they do for the lads. So picked up a pair, 50p each bargin. Took these home and had real fun trying to get normal thread not to break after the third stitc
  8. Rebuilding my 36 collection again, just got a CA 36c second hand, with the E length stock on, currently rear wired with a large battery bag, but im planning on mounting a mini battery in the stock. When i first got it it was shooting 171fps, opened the gearbox and the spring was half the size of a normal one, no wonder its chronoing low. Dropped a m110 in and a new nozzle as that was past it and the nozzle was creating such a good seal i got up to 511fps lol, spaced the hop forward now and hitting 330 on the dot.
  9. Really like that horsem4n. sort of looks like an m14 but ak styled, really good work there.
  10. Thought i would add the other half of this with my review of a KSC 23f. This is my first gas pistol, so I may be baised towards ts good points just because its a new experience for me. Anyway on with the review. I got this in October '09 but have been unable to go to any games, and did not have any gas so was unable to do any tests. However now I have gas, I can do a review of this great little gun. The 23F is the full auto version of the glock 19. As you will see on the box there is only a small sticker suggesting that the contents are other than a glock 19. However upon openi
  11. Reallylove the look of full length handguards on k length barrels.
  12. Just got the right sized trousers today in time for the weekender ;p only annoying thing is that the trousers use 1" belt loops. time to break out the sewing machine and covert to 2" ;p
  13. Depends which one you get, you can get all the g36s in 2 flavors with the plain iron sight top rail or the scoped top rail. The scoped top rail has horrid eye relief, but you could always drop the naff lenses out and drop some new ones in. Friend of mine is currently doing this as hes fed up of the scope rail. Personally i prefer using just the iron sights.
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