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    before i start my name isnt bob was a nickname back in 2008 :) now my interests are:
    AIRSOFT!!!!, muay thai, circuit training, weight training, chilling with mates, playing xbox
  1. Happy new year to everyone :) hope you all had a good year nd have an even better 1 next year

  2. my vector with a 551 eotech scope on
  3. my kriss as at the moment will be pimping it up as soon as money comes in
  4. a week today will get to try out my new KWA KRISS vector, can not wait :D

  5. I need a KWA KRISS any ideas when its released in the UK???

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    2. commando bob

      commando bob

      hitmanNo2 you are a legend mate for telling me to go to that website :D. Im getting my KWA KRISS tomorrow :D

    3. hitmanNo2


      No worries dude. I think I'll have to pick one up now. I'm finding it hard to resist the buy now button.

    4. commando bob

      commando bob

      treat yourself ain it, it wont hurt lol thats the reason i bought 1, i also bought the KWA M93R NS2 like 2 days ago aswell lol. Great way 2 start the new year haha

  6. my up to date SCAR-L's WE SCAR-L WE SCAR-L and STAR SCAR-L
  7. my Star SCAR-L and my WE SCAR-L 1 question to all those who has an elcon spectre scope for their scar-l. When i try to clamp the scope onto the rails on either of my Star Scar or my WE Scar the clamps on the scope wont do up properly so if anyone has a solution to this problem please help if you want pictures to see what i mean is bellow!! (sorry the picture is abit small when enlarged) help would be appreciated
  8. This is my scar as it stands but hoping to mod it soon ,. 1 other thing were did you guys get your CQB barrel from. If you have a STAR model?.
  9. These are some of my teams guns the 2 toned gun is no longer 2 toned
  10. This is my grenade launcher i have no shells for it at the mo
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