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  1. The beginnings of my ODA/Taliban hunt loadout...
  2. Loving those pics, Stress. Someone has some mad editing skills. Here are a few of me from September... A tragic (and overly dramatic) death... In a bit more AOR... And a crummy pic from last game while waiting for the action to resume...
  3. Anyone know where I can find some #69 bonded nylon thread in coyote? I'm thinking of using dark tan or chino instead, but I'm not sure how far off they might be...
  4. Wow, Azn... I typically hate Glocks, but that's the first I've ever fallen in love with. Glad I stopped in this morning.
  5. Not a problem... Just gives you extra material to create new pockets and do a custom RAID mod. Not sure if I'll end up replacing the velcro with a different color or not... I kind of like the black and think I've seen a few BDU's from the early 90's modded with black velcro, also. Opinions?
  6. Looks awesome, although I still liked it quite a bit while the receiver was bare... It actually served as an inspiration on one of my current builds.
  7. I usually hate stubbies, but I'm really digging that...
  8. It's the shock cord, correct? Great site, thank you so much for the recommendation.
  9. Quick question for those of you who have made open top magazine pouches or who have added retention straps to LBT 6094's and the like... Where exactly would I find the bungee material? I'm planning on making a custom low vis rig for my hugger vest and wanted it to look as legitimate as possible.
  10. Actually, I think that might be the real deal... http://www.opticsplanet.net/printable-eotech-exps3-extreme-xps-red-dot-sight-with-side-button-qd-lever.html Haven't seen an airsoft version of one of these before. Very nice.
  11. Slu, is that a tan XPS or did you just paint it and add a tan EOLAD? Where did you get it from? So far, I've only seen black XPS's and EOLADs.
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