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  1. Here's a picture from HK's website: From most of the pictures I can find only about 1/2 have the holes in the rails. Like you said it could be the difference between a preproduction/prototype and production models.
  2. They are available here in the States.
  3. Not sure how many people have seen this: Preview of, as I remember it, a limited edition version of the 417 released by Elite Force a few days ago.
  4. Thanks! I just picked my 417 up yesterday and am looking to get a suppressor for it.
  5. Anybody know which direction the VFC 417's barrel is threaded? CCW or CW?
  6. I believe the ICS flash hider is not threaded. It is very unfortunate, I wish it was. Anyway, if I remember correctly, the G&P tracer mags are decent. But not as great as a tracer-suppressor thing. The bbs come out lit, but barely. I believe a couple people just replace the LED bulbs in the mags to make them work better. Again, all this is based off of total memory recall and not prior experience. I am not sure how they would feed in a ICS L85.
  7. Has anybody in the British army been issued the Spectre yet? Photos? I know that they were putting it through trials and that it was set to replace the SUSAT, but has it actually been issued?
  8. I got my L85 rail today! Anyway there is room in the hand guard for a small lipo battery. I foresee issues getting it in and out and all that, but in my opinion it is worth it! Unfortunately, in the process of installing the rail, I broke one of the motor's electrical tabs.
  9. What large metal block are you referring to? A picture would be very helpful. I have done some measurements and predictions, and I see no reason why a small lipo would not fit in the RIS handguard.
  10. I know you said that it would just dangle out the front of the gun, but about how much room is there in the RIS for a lipo? Can you estimate the dimensions for me? I am going to pick up my RIS next weekend, and hope to use a lipo(I'll worry about the dangling when I reach that point).
  11. I think I saw one on ebay like four weeks ago(A MTP Osprey that is) but the asking price was $900US. The point is, even if you can find one, and I have only seen one, you will have to sell your kidney to get one.
  12. This is by far the most camo'ed L85 I could come across: I have to admit I am not a big fan of L85s coloured anything but maybe a light sand dusting and natural wear-and-tear, but the one this guy is using actually looks pretty good.
  13. You haven't heard tuxedos and suits on the airsoft field is the most tactical you can get? True story. Despite appearances(And whatever Call of Duty has to say), I wouldn't call black tactical either (Or the hi-vis vests).
  14. I'll take 10 sets. Now if only they would give a good size chart.
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