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  1. This is serious fembot stuff, hide and go seek with bb guns?! Okay, I can roll it into that I'm in the military and use it as a form of physical and mental training. Playing with guy trainer at Magpul doll? The space balls youtube clip captures my feelings on this very well. A little hero worship is healthy, this is just...........
  2. Special K


    I don't like to read about anyone's "axe" failing on them. Magpul builds nice stuff, but this is not real steal. Just the another sowing machine we all have used. Magpul on the side of an AEG doesn't mean indestructible. I'd be interested to read the conditions in which they were used; What were the use details, battery voltage, extended trigger hold, lots of semi auto fire. Plus I know some of you guys will disagree but to me this is a beta of sorts. Remember when the first KWA M-4's came out and they were hailed as the end all be all in affordable AEG M4's only to be improved and again given the same accolades. Then improved again to the current Gen that many consider a better product than those past generation series. I remember when I got a second Gen KWA only to have a problem fixed product roll out the very next year. I really like this AEG and can appreciate the R&D behind it. This still leads me back to the point, It's a first year model. I've been a mechanic for over 14 years and if you ask any car guy what he thinks of first year models, he'll tell you to hold your praise till all the votes are in. I'd like an ACR by Magpul but this AEG has a lot of nice features that need a bit more tweaking by company on their dime, before I'm giving Magpul a few hundred bucks.
  3. Special K

    WE SCAR Review

    I thought the WE SCAR was totally a gimick, I bought one because I did have $250 laying around. I figured it would be a good wall hanger/backyard plinker. Then I got it and started shooting it, sure I had part#66 replaced. I did that before it broke. That said I put near 2000 BB throught it with no problems, except one of my mags likes to leak at the bottom near the fill valve. Accuracy is fair if you know how to tune a hop up. Sure it's not a TM SOPMOD M4 or a TM M14. But how accurite do you think firing a real gun/AS gun on auto is? I'm a combat vet, did two years in the sand box. I can asure you besides the ammo wast, accuracy is your other reason for three round burst. While the kick is nowhere as hard as a RS gun. On full auto you should get an idea where the military term "spray and pray" comes from. An AEG on auto is an electric gun with nothing more than a real looking shell to give you a feel for what's "real" I've met many an airsoft player that has great marksmanship fundamentals, till we put a real steel gun in their hands on one of our live fire range days. Not knocking your reveiw, you have your opinion and are entiled to it. I have mine, after buying a WE M4 I'm loving the SCAR as well. Who has not upgraded and tuned their airsoft guns? It's what we do!
  4. Special K

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    I was thinking the other day, I might be the only one. Some folks here defend the guy saying "He's a busy man!" Not to busy to post all over these boards when he has a new product to sell. Strange you don't here much from him about fixes for what is turning out to be a expensive gun just to skirm.
  5. Special K

    WE SCAR Review

    I get small shards of BB's in my M4 and SCAR as well; The nature of the beast I guess. Have you put a chrono to your gun? To see is the valve needs adjusting. Low FPS on the SCAR's is a fact of life if the inner valve is closed down.
  6. Special K

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    I now have 3000 .36 BB's through my WE M4/Olympic arms trades. No issues, I did replace part #66 with a CNC piece and custom length valve guide rod dialing it down to 350-360 FPS. Nothing broke just thought I'd "get er done" before it did. I only use green gas mag's. I have six of them with no leaks, charged with propane. I use a little green gas every 8 or 10 fill ups to keep everything lubed. All the extra CNC and custom parts I had made sold out before I got them. I'm hoping to get more before Christmas, but the shop is busy as heck. The Only thing I do notice is some green residue from the green Spartan BB's left in the receiver/loading port where the nozzle/valve head meets it.
  7. Special K

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Who makes it? Where did you get it? I like it and have been looking for something very much the same.
  8. Special K

    WE SCAR Review

    use a small lighter and heat the rod right at the back of the valve, WE uses red lock tight and if you heat it up a little it unscrews right off. I'm milling my own guide rod with a longer theaded end and a few other parts out of tool steel. The TS customs adjustable valve is not worth the money. You can make a guide rod cheaper your self or if your not incline have a machine shop do it for you, and grind the theaded/lead end till you get the proper FPS your looking for.
  9. Special K

    KJW M4

    While WE can have an RS upper put on the WE lower and fit a RS mag. They will not and can not cycle a RS upper at all. They could be gutted and at great expence and machine work be made to fit RS tirgger group. Now this may lead to unregistered lower out there; This is the first problem the ATF has with them. The buffer tubes will thread on a RS upper, all be it they would quickly if not fail instantly. The other problem with the WE and WA the ATF has is the buffer tube/stock is unpined. Some states like NY must have pinned stock laws on AR's. It would be "possible" to switched out the buffer tube on the RS with a WE or WA; It is now a RS part being shipped into states labeled as a toy, thus violating the state law. The ban will not start, it has been in place for weeks now. I'm not sure if these guns meet the ATF points for a ban, that's why I ask. Are shops still getting them in the States?
  10. Special K

    WE SCAR Review

    Most of the folks hee in the States @ 75 to 80*F are getting averages of 350 to 360 FPS. The Butt plate Evike is sending out to thouse that call like me. Is the same one, no steel ribs molded in just the same plastic.
  11. Special K

    KJW M4

    I don't want to go way off topic here, but after looking through this thread among others. I still have no definitive answer. I see you posted some links for shops. I bought an WE M4 before the stop in importation; I know the importation of WA and WE M4's were stopped by the ATF here in the states. Are KJW GBB M4's still going through? If so what other company's are still getting M4 GBB's ATF compliant? Thanks "K"

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