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  1. I find OD to be my favorite for gear, mainly because it works with every other camo system.
  2. The guys at the CQB indoor place hate my MP7, it just adapts to any situation. It's a big pistol, then with the foregrip down an SMG and with the stock extended, on the edge of being a PDW type rifle. All that aside, the fist time you have a DMR or a sniper loadout and need or want something a little more vicious than your standard GBB pistol. Either when going into a building or someone is inside your field designated minimum engagement distance for your high power bolt action. The FPG is and awesome shock and awe gun in room clearing. It's loud and the ROF is crazy fun. Without adjustable si
  3. This is serious fembot stuff, hide and go seek with bb guns?! Okay, I can roll it into that I'm in the military and use it as a form of physical and mental training. Playing with guy trainer at Magpul doll? The space balls youtube clip captures my feelings on this very well. A little hero worship is healthy, this is just...........
  4. I think you'll get more use out of the MP7, I've had the FPG for a year and I've have the TM MP7 for about the same time. While the TM is an AEP, it's the form and funtion of the MP7 design that makes it such a great weapon in airsoft and real life.
  5. It's been a year now since I got my full FPG from ASGI. Have not used it as much as my other SMG, it's got 50 or so mags through it and all have been full auto. I avoid whipping it open with any force, I don't want to beat the snot out of it. It's still going strong and it's a great back up over most of my pistols. That little gun makes a lot of noise when you pull a burst. The plus is it puts heads down, the minus is it attracts unwanted attention.
  6. LOL I'm not looking for anything near so extreme. I was more concerned with the locking on semi issues I've read with regards to the G&P sentry thread. Was concerned that the MRP gear box might have the same issue. I thought the MOSFET might help since you can ditch the anti reverse latch when you install one. I also figured it might help with spring life since it full cycles the piston. Granted this can be done by a trigger pull on semi. I'm staying with the stock spring strength. I'm not thinking at all about making a lipo powered white laser, in fact it was you that convinced
  7. That site is what I'm looking for, the German is holding be back. I see shiping rate for the US but profiler has no selection for the US. Some of the site is in English but buying info in German. Can you help me find the translation button? lol

  8. My MRP will be here this week, Jump'en up and down with joy. Dam Evike took long enough. What do you guys think of MOSFET from redwolf? I've seen posts about the Sentry having problems in semi. Just thought this might help. Let me know if any of you have installed them. Ditching the anti reversal latch would be great. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_AEG_Misc_Gearbox_Parts_Airsoft_Systems_Smart_Control_Unit.htm
  9. MRP should be here before the new year!

  10. Just got mine in yesterday, full weapon system from ASGI and the first thing I can say is I'm impressed. The gun you get from ASGI comes a done deal from KWA and has an extended inner and outer barrel on board. FPS was 348/351 with .20 and a ROF @ 13 per using green gas. Build quality is above average, the polymer body is solid and feels robust despite having near no metal except the M18c slide inside. Accessing the slide and hop up is made easy with the push of a button that flips the top open. Not as refined as the MP 7 but it dose what the MP 7 can't, that is the ability to fit in a carg
  11. LOL can't tell you how I f'ed that up. Guess I need to read it more. I'm more a PM monthly guy anyway. I'm an 31b as well so pictures is easyer than words. Fancy book learn'en and all.
  12. I read you LC when it comes to guys going for a Vietnam early 60's UDT with a PEQ on his M4 lol. Just when it comes to the blanket posts about this SF load out or that because of the pictures of one particular team, at one AO makes it the only way it should be portrayed. My example about the foot gear was a take on this post I read, bashing another because his Merrell were the wrong color and Rangers don't wear them and here is the picture of some Rangers wearing the correct Merrell's to prove it. That and some of the other rule sticks being waved because this guy or that who had a roommate, w
  13. Not to come off snooty, I was deployed end of 2002, all of 2003 and 2004 in Iraq. Most of the SF guys I had the honor to work with or just get the chance to meet and talk with in the wild west years in that AO; Wore what every the heck they wanted. Even a lot of the ranger crews we met, who tended to be a little more "uniform" still did there own thing for gear in country. How do you think the whole Merrell foot wear phenomenon started? Some guy snapped a shot of a few bro's on the trail doing there thing after a stop off at the AAFES trailer "We go every where you go!" Yeah and take $449 of t
  14. Read ALL of very first post
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