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  1. Still working on editing with two cameras.
  2. Video from the most recent game at Camp R&R.
  3. My G36 and the wife's G36C
  4. Footage from yesterday's game.
  5. Put together a channel intro of sorts for my Youtube Channel.
  6. Umarex G36 Elite Pretty much bone stock at the moment, shoots great out of the box, I did disable the silly blowback however. JG G36K (Need to order a new outer barrel as the previous owner JB welded the stupid suppressor on.) CA 7mm Mechbox with bearing bushings Matrix ball bearing spring guide JBU piston with steel teeth JBU ball bearing ported piston head JBU Cylinder head Classic Army carry handle Madbull Blue Bucking with H-Nub
  7. Drove up to Washington this past weekend for a game. Good times.
  8. Some photos from when our new group was at a local game, still a total work in progress, But it's heading in the right direction.
  9. Water bottle is per the medic rules at MSW games. Yeah, the whole thing was kinda a culsterf**k, however, after sitting and protecting a motor position for 5 hours, it was a welcome change.
  10. Video recently from a rainy day here in Oregon.
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