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  1. Renagade

    Videos Thread !

    Still working on editing with two cameras.
  2. Renagade

    Videos Thread !

    Video from the most recent game at Camp R&R.
  3. Renagade

    H&K Picture Thread

    My new Umarex KWA HK45.
  4. Renagade

    H&K Picture Thread

    My G36 and the wife's G36C
  5. Renagade

    Videos Thread !

    Footage from yesterday's game.
  6. Renagade

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    At a local game yesterday.
  7. Renagade

    Videos Thread !

    Put together a channel intro of sorts for my Youtube Channel.
  8. Renagade

    Videos Thread !

    Drove up to Washington this past weekend for a game. Good times.
  9. Renagade

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Got a KWA AKG recently.
  10. Renagade

    Videos Thread !

    Water bottle is per the medic rules at MSW games. Yeah, the whole thing was kinda a culsterf**k, however, after sitting and protecting a motor position for 5 hours, it was a welcome change.
  11. Renagade

    Videos Thread !

    Video recently from a rainy day here in Oregon.
  12. Renagade

    Videos Thread !

    Was at a training game recently where we did a baited ambush on 30+ "NATO" guys. There was only 6 of us. But it sure was fun.

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