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  1. Made a few posing pics, hope you like
  2. too bad the flashider isnt in its correct position
  3. then why it has a FAB logo? the one in your pic isnt quite clear but you can see the resemblence. This is from www.makosecurity.com i think that "mako" is just a seller for these products in the US 4Fingers A.R.S.E: EOtech definitely for me
  4. I think tah magwell grip is from FAB defense, not magpul MOE
  5. quick question, how do you get it on a gun? more precisely how would I get it on a standart GP M4A1 w/plastic foregrip
  6. now that is something I like
  7. this is a normal 450rd mag usually suplied with GG guns. It is the SAME size like the RS 30rd mag when they are not in the gun, however due to the hop unit when the mag is in the gun its longer than a RS in a gun.
  8. WTF?! thats just too cool imagine running at somebody with that
  9. for next time http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...80&start=80
  10. the white logo between the stock hinge and fire selector is engraved by a "company" called PJ they are just re-branding dboys etc. The logo just ruins the look of the gun as it is not present o RS
  11. really hate those "PJ" idiots for doing that to AKs
  12. nice but the delta silencer makes the gun look not "right"
  13. some sort of hand stop obviously. like this one http://www.alliedarmory.com/index.php?main...products_id=465
  14. dont know if yours grippod is a copy but the real deal from FAB defense is quite strong
  15. was watching a document on youtube when I saw this It apperas to me like a Tokyo marui AK47 box well Mikhail is an airsofter what a surprise
  16. well nothing special really, I recently bought the cat eyes and didnt want to get rid of the old band with my name and IFF. reuploaded the first pic
  17. Backpacks SPM 20L ALP TL60 (note. sidepockets can be joined into a smaller backpack http://www.alp-army.cz/vyrob.php?id=4 ) Other Summer and Winter sleeping-bags for reconnaissance units paratrooper shovel Vz2000 sun glasses Vz95 waist-bag and wallet
  18. Since some people here liked my previous post, here is some more czech gear. Note that everything below has a "crossed swords" stamp (except waist-bag and wallet) which means its original czech army material and has been in millitary stocks Head covers Vz95 boonie hat, Vz95 patrol cap, Schuberth kevlar helmet with Vz95 cover BDU Vz95 summer Rip-Stop. I also have two standart Vz95, they look the same just the material is thicker and its not in rip-stop Gore-tex jacket Vz2000 poncho Boots Vz2000 standart Vz2000 winter
  19. Schuberth kevlar helmet, used by Czech army
  20. maybe you will find some interesting
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