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  1. dosent have a bright future now does it
  2. yeah? and where did you came up with that one?
  3. silly to you maybe but it surves its purpose nicely - to camouflage the gun in snow enviroment advantage is that its quite fast to put on/off and its cheap
  4. shut it allready, the dboys A4 has an FN reciever
  5. funny, both of these things could be saved by a piece of polycarbonate worth a few pennies
  6. did you ever try it? 1. the weapon is more manoeuvrable than on a 3point. 2. with just one push you get the rifle of the sling. if you google "one point sling" pictures you actually see only rifles using them. but if you dont like the idea no prob
  7. Its a phantom flashider, as for the sling loops have you tried using a 1point sling on them? This set up is really comfortable, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5MvxXQ_o4Q
  8. small question, whats supposed to be that on the the M14 mag eh?
  9. he wanted some information about the australian lam unit so chill out
  10. as mentioned its a front sling mount, on the other side I have an IFF cat eye. oh and thanks for the nice comment
  11. It would be ok I guess, its basically the same height as on a cantilever mount
  12. It would look kinda like this
  13. I also dont see the hop-up unit as a major flaw but you have to admit that it certainly gets anoying when you have to carry a hex key and to remove the cover and then hold the bolt - really anoying it gets
  14. it isnt an AK and there are more versions - GP, Atoz/KA , also this thread can be for SVD optics which are also quite unique really when theres a thread for magpull accesories and for EOTechs i dont see why cant a unique rifle has its own thread also theres a G3 thread that could be in the HK th. or the P90 in the FN same here cant wait for mine
  15. Considering its not an AK variant and there are a lot new models - CA, RS, AaK I think this thread is ok
  16. our local shop has them, ordered mine yesterday
  17. it isnt hard really to find a bayo in CZ or germany and theyr pretty cheap too.
  18. agreed, love mine too could you post a better pic showing the acog? wondered howd that look on mine
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