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  1. quite unusual to see plain M4 like yours, thats how I likem too
  2. come on people, moaaar pics todays game, really love the P90
  3. actualy its a 7,62 which is ok
  4. somegirls: simple dot scorch: negativ the ACM is NOT compatible with the TM
  5. better externals I think as it has a metal reciever, and markings "P90 5,7x28" no stupid Tokyo marui japan bla bla.
  6. yes, search this thread he had its painted OD and has a AR mag corvension, sorry but I dont remeber his nick
  7. I have an AK type vest, so my P90 mags stick out like this, its great cause I get them quickly out without having to open the pounch. Otherwise I use a leg panel designed for P90 mags. I would go for a standart P90, the PS90 kills all the good sings of the P90
  8. package from Herstal has arrived
  9. sorry for asking here, but is the GG compatible with GP parts? (metal body, rail foregrip with outer barrel)
  10. My "Amanda" Combat machine M16 carbine nothing special, as I dont like M4s too much but I won it in the Guay Guay competition kit list: Combat Machine M16 carbine GP 3point sling GP flashlight clamp mount GP Aimpoint Noname flashlight home-made rear sight
  11. it was for some anniversary dont know excatly I always admired it
  12. is that sling from ladies purse?
  13. 104 and 5,45 not really sir well its kinda funny that you put 7,62 in a SU and then you have an AK carbine where you can use 7,62 call it a 104 but you stick to the 5,45
  14. agreed, just not a big fan of 3points on 14
  15. is that the daewoo K1A? some specs on it please My AK103
  16. veeeeeery veeery "smart" reply. If you consider the custom jobs as a argument you may run around with a hair dryer and calling it "my motofoka custom ak" you need to uderstand that there are "unwriten rules" that are used to identify AKs, ofcourse you can do what ever you waaaant with your AK but dont go around AK purist and using that cheap argument about Real steal customs
  17. 7.62 SU is not an AK103 so you wouldnt be accurate at all.
  18. thou I have seen many AR with AK things on
  19. As PlasticMag said it is for pulling the cleaning rod. And the ring is from a smoke grenade pin
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