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  1. as said it is to keep the sling in place while shooting BUT ONLY around the stock. You should not have your sling around the front sigt while shooting. The position around the sight was only used while storage so the slings of multiple guns dont get caught together. BTW: the wraping around the sight was only used with AKs that didnt had a fold stock. So this double wraping is pointless 4 Romulus: poor SU the wood is a bit too much for my taste
  2. Interesting! It looks like our CZ2000 http://www.securityarms.com/20010315/galle...s/2100/2110.htm me likes
  3. Hi, first post on this forum. I am an AK lover, been interested in them for a few years, but I have just one humble AK104, still happy with it. 4cent101: does your RK104 take MAG mags without mods? thanks
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