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  1. Like jal3 is saying, the problem is that the battery compartment isn't "square shaped" but NiMH battery shaped, so a LiPO battery won't fit.

    I mean a LiPO battery with the same dimensions as a NiMH battery. A smaller LiPO battery should do the trick. At least that's what I hope, because I don't use NiMH's any more... :D

  2. Thanks renegadecow.

    Based on my rudimentary physics, I'd imagined that the longer a gas expands, the slower the expansion rate will be. And, as the BB is being pushed by the expanding gas, I thought it may be slowed down if the barrel was too long.


    But if you say that anything shorter than outer barrel is fine, perfect for me. Will see how much/if range and speed increase if I finally do the upgrade.


    Salamat sir!

  3. If I were to replace the inner barrels of an M870, how long could they be?

    I'm not an expert on gas guns, but with AEG there's a limit on the lenght of the inner barrel based on the cylinder window position (volume of compressed air).

    But with gas guns I have no clue on how it affects (if at all).


    Anyone can share some info? Please? :)

  4. Regarding the noisy fan issue, I bought the ones that are sold at ebaybanned and they DO are noisy, especially when I compared them with the TM of a friend.

    I found that the TM on the fast speed setting was as loud as the "eb version" on it's lowest. If I set my fan to hi-speed, then I couldn't hear a team mate talking at 5 meters and the fan was perfectly audible at more than 10 meters.

    That doesn't happen with the TM version of my friend, so maybe you got a faulty fan.

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