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    September 2004
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    TM AK Beita Spetsnaz with TM Pro Silencer, hi-cap, tac light, Blackhawk sling, and 9.6v 2000mAh battery. Dust cover has been painted black to match the blacked-out, tactical look of the gun.

    KWA M93R II with metal outter barrel and slide.
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    "Ha ha, I killed you... again."
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    United States

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  1. futbolpunk

    Futbolpunk's Album

    pics of guns, games, and just plain screwin around
  2. futbolpunk

    captions are fun...

    Um... TREES? Those are cedar trees. I see no bushes...
  3. futbolpunk


    "Terrorists, seen here, are now trying to scare hippies by taking defensless whales hostage."
  4. futbolpunk


    "Ok, you're the hostage this round." or "You kicked over my jar of BBs?!"
  5. futbolpunk

    captions are fun...

    I guess I'll start it off... "When I interviewed for this job, no one said making a documentary would be this dangerous!" or "Ok guys, I swear I won't use your BBs anymore."
  6. futbolpunk

    I want me some fun!

    "Although good looking, this 'Mustache Remover 5000' seems to have malfunctioned."
  7. "Get that f*cking AK out of my face before a blow your balls off!"
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