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  1. That is quite possibly the "scariest" airsoft picture I have ever seen... amazing! Can you even imagine what would happen if you were to drive into a town (assuming there's no police to shoot you) and jumped out looking like that??
  2. M1911A2 Guy, you're so lucky... I frickin love those cars!!
  3. That's creepy... everyone in that pic looks like people I play with, and they even have similar guns, just more pimped out!
  4. I agree. I you just ran into a public mall like that, you're lucky to be alive, seriously. Without orange tips (hell, even with them) loads of people are bound to think you're either terrorist or counter-terrorist - both scary to civilians. Nice pics, btw.
  5. Gir, that's the whole point of what we're doing. I don't have access to real balistic's gel though... plus it would be a waste, lol.
  6. Tomorrow afternoon the agar will be shot. It sets up a lot denser than jello, so there's no chance of a BB going through all 12 inches (rougly) of it.
  7. My agar is in the fridge now. Depending on timing/my friend's ability to come and bring his guns too, it may have to wait until tomorrow.
  8. I got the green light to experiment with agar (tasteless gelatinous ######). If I get any free time this week I'll mix up and pour 4 liters (ooo, metric!) into a tub, bring it home, and "experiment".
  9. Those look awesome, until you enlarge them enough to see the noise. I'd keep them as a thumbnail. Regardless, really nice. (Actually artistic... )
  10. Ah, I just remembered at our last match we shot up an old pizza box. If you cycled your gun on auto and swept over an area twice, you could quite literally saw through it. Too bad I didn't get any pics.
  11. Oh *beep*, I just remembered that every *fruitcage*in day I make that exact stuff. It's called agar and is gelatinous flavorless *beep* that labs use to grow bacteria cultures in. I wonder if I could convince my dad (boss) into letting me snag a couple dozen grams of the powder...
  12. Donnie, OMFG! My jaw literally DROPPED at those pics! I sooooooooooo want that M82! Incredibly nice collection. Too much to take in!
  13. I'd guess that within 50 rounds I had literally sliced it into chunks and knocked those chunks off of the railing. There is still a "bloody" stain and tell-tale BBs on the railing.
  14. Perfectly good tomato, placed on a deck railing. After the first shot... After a few more... Now it's gettin ugly. All gone! To those who haven't tried shooting a tomato, I'd highly recommend it. It provides a nice "thump" while still getting deep penetration. Also, the splatter you get on full auto is extremely satisfying.
  15. Looks like everyone was watching FX, lmao. Over There is an awesome show. For those who haven't seen it, I recommend highly. Wednesdays on FX.
  16. You guys are really hurting me... showing off your amazing guns. Well, if I ever have an extra $6,000 laying around, I know how to spend it... Great guns everyone. These last few pages have been some of my favorite!
  17. Donnie, how much was that laser? That's the coolest 552 I've ever seen. TM Knight's Pro Silencers rock.
  18. I didn't know there were people who liked my gun! I feel like a proud papa. Thanks. Ziggy, that is a very nice AK you have (not my personal taste, but I can certainly appreciate it). IMHO it would look better with a long, low scope with a rubber eye piece.
  19. Archer, did you buy that grip (the pistol grip, not that front err... THING) from WGC?
  20. I haven't editted this picture at all, other than resizing. It was taken of me today and is easily my favorite airsoft picture of myself. I'm going on vacation for 8 days now, but maybe when I come back I'll have time to mess around with that picture in photoshop.
  21. Here are some pictures of myself with all of my new gear that I bought this summer: Next summer (next job) I will purchase new head gear and possibly optics. Stay tuned.
  22. Myself. That is just above my knee, with a penny for size reference. (The picture is blurry due to close-range, sorry.) I upgraded my Spetsnaz to "within forum limits" (give or take, I'm not exactly sure). Someone convinced me to shoot myself to see how much more it hurt. Well... a lot. I hit on a tenden that was soft. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got home due to long pants. Funny this thread came up... I just came back from a match today where we set up a series of 5 plastic water bottles then ran through with GBBs shooting until we hit each one.
  23. The effect is cool, but I think it'd be better with the original colors, just blurred edges. Ya know what, I like mine so much, I'm gonna post it again: Gorgeous, I know. edit - I just remembered that I edited out the orange tip, rofl.
  24. Everything there is so... DRY! I love the southeast.
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