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  1. it takes so long to make jelly its a bit of a waste to blow it to smithereens. Unless you make a dull grey flavoured jelly out of gelatine with no flavour - eugh





    Oh *beep*, I just remembered that every *fruitcage*in day I make that exact stuff. It's called agar and is gelatinous flavorless *beep* that labs use to grow bacteria cultures in.


    I wonder if I could convince my dad (boss) into letting me snag a couple dozen grams of the powder... :D

  2. dsc012414oj.jpg

    Perfectly good tomato, placed on a deck railing.



    After the first shot...



    After a few more...



    Now it's gettin ugly.



    All gone! :)



    To those who haven't tried shooting a tomato, I'd highly recommend it. It provides a nice "thump" while still getting deep penetration. Also, the splatter you get on full auto is extremely satisfying.

  3. ziggy, once you get a new pistol grip, it will look awesome. Might even compete with futbolpunk for best ak in my opinion


    :blink: I didn't know there were people who liked my gun! :D I feel like a proud papa. Thanks.


    Ziggy, that is a very nice AK you have (not my personal taste, but I can certainly appreciate it). IMHO it would look better with a long, low scope with a rubber eye piece.

  4. I haven't editted this picture at all, other than resizing. It was taken of me today and is easily my favorite airsoft picture of myself. :)




    I'm going on vacation for 8 days now, but maybe when I come back I'll have time to mess around with that picture in photoshop. :D

  5. Myself. :blush:



    That is just above my knee, with a penny for size reference. (The picture is blurry due to close-range, sorry.)


    I upgraded my Spetsnaz to "within forum limits" (give or take, I'm not exactly sure). Someone convinced me to shoot myself to see how much more it hurt. Well... a lot. I hit on a tenden that was soft. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got home due to long pants. :Zzz:



    Funny this thread came up... I just came back from a match today where we set up a series of 5 plastic water bottles then ran through with GBBs shooting until we hit each one.


    It's kinda a cool thing to do near the end of the day when everyone is packing up and is tired. (Sorry, no pics of that.)

  6. The effect is cool, but I think it'd be better with the original colors, just blurred edges.


    Ya know what, I like mine so much, I'm gonna post it again:




    Gorgeous, I know. :D


    edit - I just remembered that I edited out the orange tip, rofl.

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