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  1. I really hate griping, especially about other people's guns because I believe in doing whatever you want, but...


    Putting a red dot on an M14 is just plain wrong! (And you people complain about accessories on AKs...)

  2. You could always do what I do and run the stock into a tree trunk. Though when I did it, it was an accident. :headbutt:


    It's weird, I like to see other people's guns beat up and dirty, but I can't stand to see mine with a tiny scratch of a speck of dust, lmao.

  3. That looks really nice to me, :D  where is it?



    It's in eastern Alabama. We got a lot of land, but there's also a thrill of "oh sh!t, there's people!" cause from one edge of where we play, you can see a road where there are usually a few cars every minute driving by. It adds to the excitement. All the neighbors know, and most are sheriffs (outside of any big city), so it's allright.


    I'm glad you like it! :)

  4. I wouldn't bother looking for a good picture of an M82 flash hider. I was going to put one on my creation (see page 1) but all the pics on google had it slightly tipped which made it look like you didn't screw it on the gun all the way! :P





    Take a few minutes and really look this one over. There are some little subtleties that are pretty cool when you find them. ^_^

  6. ^^^

    http://www.imageshack.us = AWESOME



    Well, of course everyone's idea of the perfect airsoft field is drastically different. Most of it depends on your land, playing style, and supplies. If you want a milsim field, you basically do nothing. :D


    Here are some pics from our new small, chaotic field (most rounds like less than 20 minutes and have about 12 people):


    (Beautiful, but out of bounds. :waggle: )









    Those pictures really don't do the field justice. It is a lot bigger than those make it look, and there are also a lot more barriers, though we lack any heigh differences at the moment. :(

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