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  1. kronic and Plasticmag, I was referring to the black plastic ones, which (as I suspected but wasn't sure) are STAR mags. I don't like the look of them vs. a normal mag, but I guess they're so cheap, what can you do? lol Jungletoy has some 30-round AK low-caps with the same modelling as the TM's but they're $8 each. I might be going to the west soon and stopping in one, so I might just have to pick some up. :D

  2. Well, maybe it wasn't so much you, but there definately are others. I'm really not trying to give you a hard time, it's just something that I've noticed. (You really think I'm ever gonna find a thread twice on this site? lmao) Sorry if I sounded hostile. :blush:

  3. Any idea the brand, how much, and where he got it? Also, do you think it'd extend wide enough to clip onto my silencer, or at least the slightly narrower bit at the part where the silencer meets the gun?

  4. LMAO! Seriously though, I have noticed that you tend to bash people for doing things that you don't like. I'm not trying to start a conflict, and you very well be kidding around with them, but it seems pretty harsh to someone on the outside of it all (like me).


    What do you want them to do, just leave the gun STOCK?! (and everyone throws on the wood kits :rolleyes:)

  5. Damn, everyone here gets so mad when someone does something to their personal gun that they don't like. Everyone has an opinion. Not everyone likes the same things... -_- (not to be disrespectful)


    Enteryourusername, is that one of those $10 clip on, plastic bi-pods? I have a Spetsnaz (see pics) so I don't think it would clip on since there's no external barrel (silencer, though).








  6. I'm not trying to be rude, but that first P-90 is absoultely repulsive! I can't stand when someone sprays their gun an ugly color, let alone half of it. -_-


    As long as you like it, though, nothing else matters.

  7. All you lucky bastards have M20s... I really wish I had one more for the look than the practicality. No one that I play with has one (thank goodness).


    Anyone here have an M20 or a Misquito mounted onto an AK (specifically a Spetsnaz)?

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