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  1. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    Dangit, threads like this need recaps every 20 pages, I'm only on page 30 I really gotta look into getting one, likely magpul it, I've got the bug. But first I gotta finish this thread to even know if its worth it!
  2. l85 guy

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Anyone ever thought if you could figure out how to increase the mag capacity in the M500s? I was thinking the feed tubes have to come into the body at some point, and those BBs have to turn up into a chamber or something, perhaps you could skip the feed tubes, and reroute a feed tube from a magazine attached to the gun, up to the chamber.
  3. l85 guy

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Dang that Maruzen is amazing. And the stock mod is pretty nice actually, I wasn't thining I'd like the looks, but you proved me wrong.
  4. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    Before this thread was in the double digits even I had someone make me that, I had the same thought process as you norman, but I don't want to sport the banner around until I own the gun. Which i will.
  5. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    I would imagine a box or c magazine would be easy enough a modified BB path and a magnum coldshot in with it or a custom tank, then all you have to worry about is cooldown.Annoying blackberry, so hard to do anything!
  6. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    Can anyone confirm if the thermolds fit in these mag pouches specifcally, normal ones tend to be snug? Mag Pouches I had plans for the new ARES TAR and a ACR, but I think this may just be the winner, along with some goodies.
  7. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    Dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it! I want a KJW so bad, but if they are gonna stop the import, i doubt I would get one in time anyways. I guess now I'll have more money to spend on some MC gear
  8. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    I haven't herad anything about this, if so, that sucks. whats their reasoning to singling out the GBB M4s?
  9. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    Thanks! As for the capacity, I am getting the reoccurring answer of 30rds. Fortunately mags don't seem too expensive. The WGC place has them for $36
  10. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    So do Thermolds fit in regular M4 pouches? If not I can use the AK pouches I have. I think because of the fact this gun is the only GBBR yet that has hold up to any substantial amount of BBs stock, makes it a winner for me. I mean, I'm fine with opening up and having to work on a gun, but not as soon as I get it, I want it to last long enough until I'm fine with opening, it, I prefer to open it when I feel I want to then have to straight from the box. Also glad theres no way these thermaolds are gonna turn into TherMelts like what happened to some real ones with FA Whats a good place overseas to get one, the only stateside place I found is Airsplat, and to be honest, their service is sub-par, and I would rather go elsewhere.
  11. l85 guy

    KJW M4

    Thermold mags don't fit in regular M4 mag pouches do they?
  12. l85 guy

    WE SCAR Review

    DO real steel grips fit? You mentioned some grips, but you didn't say if they were real steel or airsoft versions. I think I may be looking into one of these, the price is okay, I was gonna go for the AGM M4 until I read that the BBs just roll out when pointed down. My only quirk is it doesn't have a working bolt catch. Also, do you know if the CO2 is reinforced in anyway compared to the GG/propane version, or is the only difference in the mags they bring?
  13. l85 guy

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    Alright so I have been looking to get a GBB m4 and the WE was the only one in my rice range. I started reading this page but haven't read all 101 pages. I have read some from the beginning of the thread, the middle, and the end. The middle everyone like the WE and thought it was great, but near the end here, it seems like its nothing but problems for the gun. I'm not real good with GBBs and so I doubt I could do much if I had problems. So would this gun be something I should be thinking of buying or should I take my money else where?

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