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  1. Has anyone out there made a copy of the S&W 329PD yet? I'd love one of these!!!
  2. What is your budget? I can recommend these .......
  3. Ranger green / Alpha green but green none the less!
  4. Is there already a Kryptek thread? If not let's see some pics!!
  5. A friend of mine sporting his A-TACS FG gear. Trousers and cap are UR-Tactical ones he picked up from Huey's Jacket is from EBAirsoft. Gotta say that FG stuff was working well in these woods!
  6. Got my AOR2 UR Tactical helmet cover today (hence the hasty fitting) from Huey's, fitted on Emerson FAST ballistic lid.
  7. Dont know if your still looking but I saw that they are selling a small amount of FG and AU on www.hueys.co.uk it says its the UR Tactical gear.
  8. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Does anybody know if the TM Glock 17 fits into the IMI holsters ok? My fiend is having a bit of trouble with his new IMI holster, the gun is very tight in it. We just wondered if this was normal as I know the TM's arent exactly the same dimensions as the real steel?
  10. Would anyone be so kind as to show me how you properly attach the helmet covers on the FAST helmets please? Mine is the FMA helmet and Emerson cover. Thanks.
  11. Cool, I would love to be able to use one of those 327's, they look so mean!!! I may be in contact with you at some point to walk me through how to do it if you dont mind ;-)
  12. So if I was to treat myself to one of those cool (ugly) Tanaka 327 R8 5 inch revolvers could it be easily 'modified' to shoot at around 300fps?
  13. Has anyone actually made a Tanaka skirmishable? My M66 shoots at about 10fps! I would love a cool revolver that I can actually use!!
  14. Just for interests sake I came accross these today for all you FAST helmet lovers, another funky cover.... http://www.strikehold.net/2013/03/21/mohawk-helmet-cover-from-agilite/
  15. Thanks for the sizing advice, have just ordered a FMA version so we will see how it fits on arrival!!
  16. That looks great druid you would never tell that that cover is actually for a different helmet! Thanks again for your help!!
  17. Thanks for the advice Hut73, I definitely have a big melon! Have any of you got any tips on the MFH ops core fast helmet? I can't seem to find any info on MFH, is it just a helmet by another manufacturer but under a different name?
  18. Does anyone have any advice on the merson FAST helmet sizing? Are they fairly acommodating for us big headed people? Also I notice Emerson make a mesh multicam cover for the FAST, anyone tried one? Are they any good as obviously they are much cheaper than the Ops Core Hybrid cover etc.
  19. How about the size of the helmet itself? I would love one but I have read that the TMC airframe lid is very small and I have a big head!
  20. Can anyon ID this helmet for me please? Is it a FAST helmet and if so where can you get hold of that funky MC cover? Cheers!
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