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  1. baias6230

    1911 Picture Thread

    Marui Colt Government MKIV Series 80 (Nickel finnish PGC kit) Parts list: PGC Colt Government S80 kit (nickel plated) Nova MSH, bushing, trigger, mag catch and slide release Hammer, rear sight, grip safety, grips and recoil plug are from a stock Marui 1911 COLT MKIV Series 70 Nickel finnish.
  2. baias6230

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thank you, hitmanNo2 and wolfgeorge. Added a clipdraw to my GCNM. I really like the look (it's only for cosmetic purpose and to add some weight to the gun). and a more modest 1911 Marui Springfield 1911-A1: Parts list: Guarder Springfield kit in dark gray Guarder steel chamber and barrel (Nowlin marking) Gurder steel rear sight Guarder hex grip screws PDI Mil-spec hammer Nova thumb safety Pachmayr rubber grips Barrel Bushing, trigger and MSH are from a 70s series stock Marui 1911 Mag catch, slide release, grip safety and recoil plug are from a Marui 1911
  3. baias6230

    1911 Picture Thread

    It's been too long since i've lost touch with airsoft but now i'm back Black Colt Gold Cup National Match That FAT trigger Elliason adjustable sights Parts list: Nova GCNM kit (many thanks to Conor from House Gunfire for providing this kit) Nova MSH and bushing Carom Shot grips Nine ball spring plug Grip safety, thumb safety, magazine catch, slide release are stock S70 series from Marui Guarder 150% recoil and hammer springs Detonator Hex grip screws
  4. baias6230

    1911 Picture Thread

    mrRay. I love your kimber. Beautiful. I am waiting to see wich way you are going. Also i didn't realized that the silver version of the PGC kit is so nice.
  5. baias6230

    1911 Picture Thread

    Impressive collection. Those punisher 1911's are great. They are based on TM?
  6. baias6230

    1911 Picture Thread

    Very nice that T2 1911. Keep up the good work.
  7. baias6230

    SIG Picture Thread

    Sweet P226. I love the 2 tone combination.
  8. baias6230

    Glock Picture Thread

    Try the Guarder one. Check Dentrinity.
  9. baias6230

    1911 Picture Thread

    At the beginning i was leaning to a more tactical look for this one. But i really love wood grips I think it looks pretty good with them.
  10. baias6230

    1911 Picture Thread

    TM Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II Parts list: NOVA Kimber LAPD SWAT Metal kit NOVA Grip Safety NOVA Housing NOVA Magazine Catch NOVA Safety (the one in the picture is just the left side of an ambidextrous type) NOVA Barrel Bushing Stainless NOVA Recoil Guide and Spring Plug Nine Ball Hammer Nine Ball Trigger CP Hammer Strut Guarder Recoil and Hammer Spring 150% Action Power Up Cylinder Bulb and Piston Head Diamond Wood Checkerd Grips
  11. baias6230

    Glock Picture Thread

    Yes it is. I think it is airbrushed and painted. I wish to do something similar to my Glock.
  12. baias6230

    Glock Picture Thread

    Chris, thank you. What do you mean "my kind of thing". As far as i knew you are into Glocks. Note that is not finished yet. More to come... This was my inspiration model. I wish someday Marui will release a Springfield XD.
  13. baias6230

    Glock Picture Thread

    TM Glock 17C Parts list Shooters Design 17C Slide Freedom Art Sight Red Marui G26 Advance Rear Sight Shooters Design Polished Mag Catch PDI Recoil Spring Guide Guarder Frame Tan Color
  14. baias6230

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Nice one Romulus. I like the grips. Classy..
  15. baias6230

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks Chris. I will post some pics when it will be ready...

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