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  1. Praetor, has that RPK still got the naff plastic fore and pistol gip? (Hard to tell from pic + my laptop screen isn't flash ...) If so, you should pick up some AK47S wood grips to go with the lovvvly club stock. They're cheap as chips and seem easier to import into NZ than a full wood set (something about the stocks, which you don't need anyways).
  2. That name sounds familiar ... although from this screen grab, the it looks as if the design has more relief and detail. Nice image. I'm sure I can work with that
  3. Nice V12s fulla, but you need a duel SoB holster to go with em ... Like my one - AS for grips ... I talked to these guys - Gun Grips and their were pretty good about the idea of doing a custom image in gold on some of their grips. Something like this, but in gold - The only thing stopping me in getting 2 pairs is not having found the right image in a high enough res. The Face / Off design is very Chinese; more lizard then dragon.
  4. My Pretties (WA Gilded V12s) - And their sexy sob holster I've not got round to replacing the grips with black wooden jobbies (with some form of Chinese dragon inlay, of course) but it WILL happen.
  5. Apologies for the thread revival. *just* found this thread and thought I’d add my $0.02 After reading your project article, I was motivated to do the same to my G3 (metal body + wood stock set). Ok, so not original, but damn it looks sexy The main issue I found was in finding somewhere that actually sold these wood stocks. As mentioned above, Cheaper Than Dirt only ship to the US (which can be worked around), but more importantly they rarely seem to have the wood stock in and when they do the stock sells out within a couple of days (I have the stock alarm notification thingie
  6. DODGY S3! But I like your Avatar; am hanging out to see that movie!
  7. Nice come back P.s. I've always like Imogen as a girls name. (Er, you as opposed to the brand name of a motorbike or something. Anyho, there's a compliment in there somewhere ).
  8. Bought I copy of MM3 on dvd a few months ago ... and max definitely has two eyes in that + has been a few years since I've seen the first 2. Still if it's a magic regrowing eye, then that's different As for confusing Snake with Max, I assure you that is not the case, besides Snake wears more lycra than leather (at least in EfNY). Nice link, cheers for that (if I could +1 rep you, I would ...)
  9. Hmm, okies. Try this one then. Up to 3 BBs per shell.
  10. Bad limp: check (end of MM1). Fast car: check (MM1). Leather: check (MM all). I don't recall the eyepatch though ... remind me ...
  11. Gas goes in the shells. Shells are rare, (but the gun comes with 2, so all good).
  12. Well you could try HERE but, I think they're fibbing ... Or HERE (I *think* this is where I got mine ... was a while ago, so are prolly outta stock, worth a crack though). Who do you love
  13. I like it, but it's more of a chairsofter kind of gun ... might wanna take a look at this review.
  14. Anyways, back on topic - no-one seems to have posted any pics of that sexy little Hudson beast So, here's pics of mine (go the chairsofter! ) -
  15. Lol, unduly harsh perhaps ... only a positive photo will show. Female and holding a gun is enough for some. [as a trip to the down-right nasty www.Gunchicks.com would prove (p.s. prolly NOT suitable to view at work or if you have any taste)].
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