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  1. your question is two fold one being the difference between parts in a G17 and a G19 in that case the only difference would be frame, magazines, and perhaps barrel. Second is difference between WE and TM in my experience all are interchangeable and if not they can easily be modded to fit. That's no assumption.
  2. I would guess all internal parts are interchangeable since the only difference between the two are a little shorter grip and barrel. Like the real steel glocks.
  3. Just something I have been working on.. TM G17 SAI Slide Light weight Blowback Housing, Frame is custom I machine cut and stipple them myself.. is Shoots like a dream.
  4. This is not an advertisement just looking for feed back on what you think of this frame. I did the cuts using some tight tolerance machines.
  5. Kenxin what kind of fps are you getting out of that beauty?
  6. I guess it's semi auto only?
  7. jayrod

    WE P226 R

    These stories about the WE just falling apart i think they are that stories. I own many WE pistols and rifles and they all out performed the other brands hand down. Buy WE with confidence its a good product!
  8. Wow looks awesome, Love seeing those WE builds
  9. Nice WE! Big fan great platform! Nice build :-)
  10. Is the TM springer all plastic?
  11. Wow 600fps that would be crazy.
  12. You probably could have saved some money ordering from Evike. What kind of place jacks up the price of an item then takes a percentage off to bring it to what it should be? Anyway the Kriss is a nice gun I have one of the first ones, I got it December 24th just about one year now. the one thing that failed me after about 12k shots was the piston return spring. I was able to fix it and received a replacement one since which I have not changed. This gun shoots great the two round burst is nice and the rof is crazy fast. Accuracy is good, the one thing I really dislike is the only place you can g
  13. You have to understand that the bolt in the kriss is not going straight back. Even at that it requires little effert, pull the charging handle away from the Frame not all the way but enough to create a V then from the top put your index finger and middle finger in middle of that V and pull back. If you do it the wrong way it will seem very hard because you will in fact be putting most of your force against the frame of the gun and not toward moving the bolt back. Another thing i will mention is i see allot of people just let go of that handle after the bolt its back letting it snap forward, i
  14. If you charge the Kriss the proper way it is simple with almost no resistance. and yes the trigger pull is about 9 lbs of pull just like the real one and most smg's. The kriss was built to mimic the real deal.
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