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  1. That's great news! Hopefully they use high quality parts to make the magazines. I'll definitely pick one up as my weak point for my gun is the damn crappy magazine designs. WA mags work the best in my opinion, but unfortunately only on 134a.
  2. remember too that the problem can also be the type of nozzle, carrier, hammer spring, mag catch, and even body the person is using too. it might not just be the magazine...it could be a combination of different things.
  3. jesTer - I'm gonna dremel down the pro-win mag instead of the catch because my other mags work fine. I like the ability to switch to different mags whenever I feel like it. Pro-win's suggestion of modifying the mag catch only makes sense if you're gonna be running them exclusively. I don't really like that suggestion. It's like saying "we didn't design the magazines wrong...it's the fault of your mag release that it doesn't work".
  4. Sooooo...you started a review that won't be finished (or even updated) till spring? Because you're lazy and there's snow outside? You must not care about this thing that much if you haven't at least gotten a mag and test fired it in the house. Or you're too ashamed to admit that you wasted your money on a POS. If I had a new awesome airsoft gun, I wouldn't be lazy and not even test fire the damn thing because there's snow outside. edit: This thread is definitely unsubscribed.
  5. I'm still waiting for the actual performance review rather than picture previews of the gun. A mod might want to lock this thread until OGGY has finished the review since it's getting cluttered with arguments and "corrections". Someone (like me) who wants to read a review of how this expensive toy shoots will have to browse through several pages before getting the answer that should have been gotten on the first page. This IS airsoft and although someone said it's 95% looks...isn't it really 100% functionality? To ANYONE (doesn't have to be the OP), please add this in the thread ASAP (
  6. Nice gun oggy. Hopefully you can build it up without any problems as well. I've been keeping an eye on the Ino "super version" for a while now but not because I wanted to get one. Mainly wanted to see what they improved on since their original "AWESOMEST ULTIMATUM GUNZ". Glad to see you like it so far. I still won't personally buy anything Inokatsu but I know you've been trying to get your hands on a "perfect" gbb for a while now. Everyone's view of a perfect gbb is different so don't worry about what other people say when it comes to how much you spent or when they nitpick about feature
  7. Agreed, it's a very fun system. But a very high maintenance + high cost one at that. I've never loved an airsoft rifle so much in my life to put so much effort into making it a perfect system. No...not sure where you misunderstood me. The RA-Tech one is adjustable and the Airsoft Surgeon one is not.
  8. Haven't had the chance to test out g&p's negative system yet. I only have 3 bolt carrier groups that are currently working just fine so there hasn't been a need to find something "better". You'll get better fps consistency using the negative pressure systems, but your accuracy is determined by your hop-up & barrel setup along with the bb's you use.
  9. jesTer - the RA-Tech and Airsoft Surgeon negative pressure systems work the same as they both hold the floating valve back instead of forward. You may not even notice the lack of kick especially if you're gonna be running 134. They both are consistent with shots but like with all gas products cool-down will still affect fps. The only difference is the Ra-tech one is adjustable to allow more or less air to pass out to the barrel. Efficiency will be the same because the magazine valve striking system isn't changed. The thing that's being changed is how the gas flows through the nozzle. I w
  10. Yup...I'm one of those people who have the airsoft surgeon kit AND RA-tech NPAS. I too put the airsoft surgeon I only adjusted the FPS the first week I had it and after that I never touched it again. I just left it on the most stable power I could get w/o it unseating itself. The ra-tech one required me to modify the damn thing to get it to fit. The Airsoft Surgeon one was super easy to install and works pretty much the same. My primary skirmish western arms build uses the bulls-eye floating valve with the positive pressure system and it works fine too. I also have the airsoft surgeon ki
  11. I don't care what you play, that wasn't directed towards you. I'm trying to correct the suggestion to others that they don't need to "DEFINITELY get the RA-Tech NPAS" if they don't want/need adjustable fps.
  12. Or just get the Airsoft Surgeon energy booster kit. I would suggest to buy the RA-tech one ONLY if adjusting FPS is really a necessity.
  13. shinhk

    AGM M4 GBB

    Learn to use the edit button. You're gonna get scoldings for spamming. Also you really shouldn't be asking about which being better unless you add "AGM" in the choice. I personally have 2 WA's because I prefer originals and I support their designers. I can tell you this much...just swapping parts out won't get you a "perfectly working" gun. It takes tweaking and understanding so even if you think you're saving money buying a "cheap" gun, you're going to spend a lot more time trying to get it to work. *edit* nevermind...someone already consolidated your posts.
  14. True...and wgc has been known to give a quote...get payment...AND THEN say that it's backordered.
  15. http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/produc...l&rs=bomber I wouldn't call "less than 5" a ton...
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