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    Found this gun at www.trinityairsoft.com http://www.trinityairsoft.com/p-456-custom...irsoft-gun.aspx I was wondering are the parts they use here high quality parts, and worth the extra money spent on it? (seeing as i don't really have any experiance in upgrading AEG's) and will the upgrades done on this gun reduce it's longevity? will i have to preform extra maintence on it or replace something on it often? i was also thinking of buying a 9.4v battery and just have a battery bag on the stock for it, is there a limit to the mAh i can use for the battery? some help with this would be apreciated, other suggestions or alternatives would be apreciated, i love the look of the AUG and would like something powerful and accurate for long range shooting in woodland type senerio's. EDIT: I live in the US, and so this would apply for U.S. standards and such (unsure of UK rules and regulations)

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