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  1. That's gotta be the awesomest MP5 I have ever seen! Really good looking.
  2. The manual is mostly Japanese, but there are pictures depicting a lipo and a warning symbol. It says over and over again to use only 8,4v regular Nimh-battery. I too will probably switch to lipo at some point, provided I can find one small enough to fit in.
  3. https://imgur.com/a/3Clpc My new Tokyo Marui SGR-12! How can I put images without them showing as a small 'thumbnail'?
  4. https://imgur.com/a/3Clpc When Tokyo Marui released their first AES (or Automatic Electric Shotgun), the AA-12, I was planning to get one. But somehow I never got around to buying the gun, even though it looked super interesting. When Marui announced their second fully-automatic shotty, the SGR-12, I made a promise to myself: "this time I'm gonna get one!" Based on the Thor's Hammer seen on Resident Evil 7 DLC No Hero, it's a fictional yet cool design. Kinda reminds the Origin-12 shotgun, maybe a little at least. Equipped with a long rail on top for optics, flip-up style iron sights, a
  5. Why? Why not? Why the h*ll not!
  6. At least I'm not compensating anything..
  7. KWC Taurus PT24/7, very trusty and nice NBB in my opinion!
  8. G&P Remington 870 "Mad Dog".
  9. Cyma Desert Eagle AEP. I named this one "Suicide Special" (because it often malfunctions during games).
  10. That looks and sounds awesome. Really loud and looks like it shakes when fired. Really really want one (when they get here in Finland).
  11. Is that the ARES AEG version? Or the old Hudson gas gun? Either way, always liked the Grease Gun's look. And tiger stripe is best camo! Looks like John Wayne Dense to me.
  12. Cool looking little fella. I always wondered, would that kind of a setup work in a real weapon, since there is no buffer tube? I thought that the mechanism continued to there.
  13. My gun molesting days have passed, I have not made custom things in a long time. Last time was the stock for M10, and that was actually pretty good. Thanks! It is a lovely gun, altough been sitting in a box for 18 years. It was time someone opened it and go out with her.
  14. dog green 1, that SL-8 is amazing. Really liking the battle-scarred futuristic look. I think a double drum mag would look especially nice on that (F.E.A.R. style!)
  15. Wow that's great! Always had a soft spot for digi-paints. And that M14 with that pistol grip (from Archie?) is also extremely well painted.
  16. Now all you need is a hobo to wield them
  17. That's a great skull bradw76, and nice paintjob as well.
  18. Here's my new tattoo, still fresh (that's why it's a little red at some points):
  19. That is one seriously beautiful rifle, Andy. State of the art.
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