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  1. Nice little review matey , one thing , could you elaborate on the manual saying not to use lipos !

    The manual is mostly Japanese, but there are pictures depicting a lipo and a warning symbol. It says over and over again to use only 8,4v regular Nimh-battery.


    I too will probably switch to lipo at some point, provided I can find one small enough to fit in.

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  2. https://imgur.com/a/3Clpc


    When Tokyo Marui released their first AES (or Automatic Electric Shotgun), the AA-12, I was planning to get one. But somehow I never got around to buying the gun, even though it looked super interesting. When Marui announced their second fully-automatic shotty, the SGR-12, I made a promise to myself: "this time I'm gonna get one!"


    Based on the Thor's Hammer seen on Resident Evil 7 DLC No Hero, it's a fictional yet cool design. Kinda reminds the Origin-12 shotgun, maybe a little at least. Equipped with a long rail on top for optics, flip-up style iron sights, and three M-lok rail pieces, it sure is a tactical and modern looking boomstick. The pistol grip is very ergonomic and resembles HK416-style grip, alas fire selector is not ambidexterous. The stock looks like it might me rectratable, but it isn't. Neither is the cheek rest. Focusing on the stock: there's one BIG problem (or, should I say, small?). The battery space is super tiny, the smallest I have ever seen on a big gun like this. My 8,4v 1400mah mini-type battery didn't fit. Neither did any of the lipos I had in hand (the gun is not, according to the manual, supposed to be used with lipos, mind you). I fixed this issue by removing the butt plates inner part, and instead of the teeth-mechanism it uses to lock in place, I put a screw to the bottom part of the butt plate. Now I can barely fit my smallest battery in there.


    I purchased the gun with the new 3000-round drum mag, which also fits to the AA-12. It's an expensive but very well made magazine, it uses four AAA-batteries to wind the bb's. It works well and looks cool!


    Performance-wise it behaves exactly like the AA-12, it just looks different. Three adjustable hop ups gives you chance to adjust the spread of the bb's, it really works and is very 'shotgun-like' when shooting. The gun is really heavy, with the fully loaded drum mag and battery in place it's almost six kilos. The body is made from metal and polymer, and it doesn't squek or wobble or screech or anything like that.


    Oh, the standard mag it comes with is also a new design! It has a window which shows fake 12-gauge shotgun shells (like in the drum mag). Older AA-12 'Sledge Hammer' -mags can also be used with the SGR-12.


    If you have any questions I can gladly answer them. I would rate the gun a solid 8/10, a big con being the super tiny battery space.


  3. If you molest that, I swear to god... ha ha

    My gun molesting days have passed, I have not made custom things in a long time. Last time was the stock for M10, and that was actually pretty good.  :D



    Long time ago since I have seen that type of stock - nice peice

    Actually nice to see an AR for a change without rail

    Thanks! It is a lovely gun, altough been sitting in a box for 18 years. It was time someone opened it and go out with her.

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