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  1. WOW! That Spas is looking evil! I like it.
  2. That UZI is the coolest SMG I have ever seen. The woodstock on it is just epic. Nice nest you have there, sir!
  3. Guess this belongs here as well. Compact Eagle / Micro Eagle:
  4. I lost the sight and the flash-hider, don't be so *badgeress* about it.
  5. The one and only MP5 Masterkey.
  6. Recently finished shotgun project:
  7. My M16 with desert-style paintjob and a Punisher-skull on the stock: Close up at the stock:
  8. Painted my cheap chinese CQB-shotty, tried to get that famous guerrilla-look. The paints used are also cheap off-brand sprays. Note the empty shell-holder, finding empty shells for it.
  9. Wich one do you guys recommend, the JG or the Well?
  10. Can i have this rifle in wood-ish stcok color?
  11. My Colt Combat Elite .45: This gun has nothing to do with the real Colt Combat Elite.
  12. Heres my TM M1A1: And heres my TM M1911A1:
  13. I recently finished my 12-Gauge Slug Gun:
  14. My TM M1911A1: My KWC Colt Python: My TM Thompson M1A1: My 12-Gauge Slug Gun:
  15. It's damn ugly. But kinda cool!
  16. Put on some images, where I can see the gun completely. I don't like those artistic perspectives much :/
  17. 12-cauge Slug Gun: (Yeah that's the Holy Bible ). The wooden stock is hand-made (by me). This project took almost six months of work.
  18. Holy *suitcase* those mini-shottys are hot!
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