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  1. Using mostly DBoys metal low-caps and STAR regular GI low-caps with the top area filed off to fit the gun. 7 euros a piece, five minutes with an x-acto knife per magazine and the magazine issue is solved. I've been using mine nearly non-stop since February last year, so far the replacement bits have been: - ICS Turbo 3000 - stock motor was near-dead after a year of 11.1v usage. - New trigger assembly - original one nearly burnt out from LiPo use. Ordered directly from G&G and replaced it. - Tappet plate - original one died after God knows how many thousands of rounds (~8 months' wor
  2. You can also look-up Begadi's stuff (begadi.de), they do DPM, although I'm not entirely sure how their DPM matches up compared to traditional UK DPM. It looks more akin to Portuguese DPM or the old UK Tropical DPM -- the green seems "brighter", more vivid. Pattern seems to have larger shapes, too. Unsure of their quality, but I believe it's quality stuff, 1000D and have heard good stuff from them.
  3. They shouldn't, not without significant filing - the F2000 frame has some slotting for the back of a regular USGI-type magazine, which on a P-Mag is ridged. The ridging on the P-Mag blocks the P-Mag entry into the F2000 magwell. I can't really describe it any better than that, only a picture would help.
  4. A small update on my end that might be relevant to other users, given that it covers one of the issues I was afraid of -- that I might have to deal with G&G directly to get spare parts. And I did. My gun stopped feeding and one of my local techs suggested it was most likely the tappet plate causing the issue. Tried fitting a Deepfire P90 tappet plate in (V6), but it wouldn't fit -- so the tappet plate is proprietary. However, I'm glad to say that G&G offers a direct-to-customer maintenence service. I e-mailed them, stated the part number that I needed (taken off their exploded
  5. Pretty sure they shouidn't fit the VFC -- they're SR25 magazines, the VFC magazines are propietary. So they should only fit the CA SCAR-H.
  6. The "Coyote Tan" colour is a couple of shades lighter than say, Pantac's Coyote Brown. WAS's current Tan is actually quite dark, but I much rather this colour. I'll try to get some natural light pics comparing both colours when I get the chance. In the meantime, here's a picture of me getting my kit ready with the RAPTOR in Coyote Tan outdoors. Should give you a good idea of what CT looks like. Their website definitively needs work - I wouldn't have guessed they made it in CT had I not checked the "colour" option in the multicam vest section.
  7. Following CKinnerely's purchase, I bought myself a DCS in Coyote Tan. Loving it so far, going to be field tested this weekend.
  8. Warrior RAPTOR PC in Coyote Tan Layout: 12x M4 magazines + 1x Speedloader XL + 2x handgun/speedloader magazines 1x WAS Double NSR pouch 1x WAS Medium general utility pouch 1x WAS Double 9mm pouch 1x 5.11 Double-stacked magazine pouch 1x 5.11 Double low-profile magazine pouch STRIKE MOLLE platform + Blackhawk SERPA CQC Level-2 for Sig-Sauer SP2022 (the P226 fits decently enough) Behind: 1x WAS Small PMR radio pouch 1x 5.11 Single-stacked magazine pouch 1x 5.11 Medium-sized dump pouch Desperately needs some fake SAPI plates for some shape.
  9. Update on the topic - the RAPTOR is still generally holding up fine after over half a year of tortuous use. I've swapped the layout around, got some different pouches. It has little signs of wear on the outside, though the primary velcro belt is tearing itself up. I might end up contacting WAS since they say they offer some form of "operational guaruantee" or something of the sorts. Or I might just have it restiched. It seems to hold itself fine, but I don't like seeing that tear on it. And it is indeed a heavy little *bramston pickle*. Mine fully loaded weighs around 6-7 KG and I don'
  10. Quoted for massive truth. Having used mine regularly (by "regularly" I mean "my other AEG has been sitting in the corner since then" ) since February, it's been a rock solid performer. I was very weary before buying it, having heard of the cut-off lever problems, the mid-cap issues, some horror stories here and there, but mine has been flawless so far. After modification - which is admitedly a needless hassle, had they bothered to research their own design a bit better - the magazines feed and fit flawlessly. My main gripe is the lack of parts availability. I think I might've managed to or
  11. Regarding the F2000 itself, mine's still running fine. Swapped over recentely to an 11.1v LiPo, 20C. Seems to handling it fine. Completely stock, accuracy on it is awesome, think I'm using a 110 spring, at the lowest setting, it's putting out about 360 FPS/0.2g. No problems other than the fact that the power adjustment is a bit iffy -- set it too high and the gun won't be able to cycle on full-auto. Other than that, nothing noteworthy.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion Waco Kid, I'll definitively give it a look, it's a shame UKTactical doesn't sell those kind of adapters, as I'm considering ordering more pouches. Shipping to Portugal is quite expensive (~26 pounds), so most of the time I tend to order a fairly large order (say, > 100 pounds) each time, otherwise I'm breaking the bank for a few bits of kit. The Raptor is still holding up fine after tortous abuse -- gone through just about all kinds of rough usage (aka scraping against about any kind of surface/annoying plants in the woods) and not a single tear. The stitching
  13. The screw can be checked easily -- just look inside the magazine well and check for a protruding screw. It basically blocks any magazine that has a longer plastic protrusion on top, behind the feeder release-spring, if you can see what I mean. Grab any hi-cap STANAG and compare it to most real/low/midcaps and you'll see what I mean. Personally it didn't bother me as STANAG mags are dirt-cheap and the modification just takes about five-ten minutes per magazine with an x-acto knife or something that you can cut plastic with. The cut-off lever, you can only check by removing the entire ge
  14. The current F2000's out there, I'd reckon there's three versions available, talking only in the Cybergun-G&G aspect of things and not discussing if they're Hunter/Tactical versions: - First batch of G2010's. G&G markings(G2010, Airsoft Gun, blah blah), original G&G box and manual. Individual serial numbers. No FN markings. Original cut-off lever; notorious screw in the magazine well. - Second batch of G2010's, arguably left-overs from the first batch rebranded for Cybergun. I say most likely left-overs, as mine is one of these and the new markings were most likely simpl
  15. I'd say about the size of a CIRAS in length, but width it seems to be a 'sleeker' fit. Same amount of MOLLE rows from top-to-bottom on either vest.
  16. My little CA SCAR-H. Before... After. Stock's a VFC fitted by a local (airsoft)gunsmith, Blackwolf, very nicely fitted. Painted the lower with Krylon's awesome flat black, only removed the tan applied by its previous owner on the upper, it looks somewhat blued, though less than the actual photographs seem to show, the flash aggravates the effect by a ton. The reason I didn't paint the upper... Gorgeous little intact trademarks underneath the old paint layer. Such a round serial number. Oh yeah, the bright yellow, you can blame that on the idiotic Port
  17. Having recieved mine last week - a Taiwan version, System 7, metal slided as well - I can comment on it a bit: - Excellent shooter, very, very accurate with even .25g despite people recommending the use of heavy BBs with these guns. I can attest that they do reach 30m range accurately with 0.32g and amazingly, not that slowly. - Came a bit dry from the factory, it occasionally jammed half-way through the action, having the slide stuck in mid-cycle. A thorough cleaning and relubing did the trick, its cycling properly. - The action can get a bit sluggish at lower temperatures (say, 10ºc, whi
  18. Tempted to get one. Currentely split between one of these and a KA Sig 556 variant. To be honest, I'm leaning torwards the 556. As far as I can tell from skimming through the thread, the very high price tag is basically for name(well... model)sake. It suffers from the same issues as ARES/STAR designs (I won't be contributing to the whole "IS IT OEM'D BY STAR?" discussion, relax), the initial package comes sporting a fixed stock and no ris option, for no less than 500€ and I've seen some EU shops run them around 600€+. Considering you can get something relatively out of the ordinary (which
  19. I don't like the Nemesis look, personally. It looks a bit cumbersome whilst having the typical lightweight plate carrier design to it, the Raptor is more of a 'wrap-around' type of PC, which I prefer by far. Also, they've expanded their CT line a bit, bastards added the M60 type pouches as well as a few others.
  20. As per requested, a small configuration image of front/side/back layout, the cummerbund is a mess as I just threw the vest on for the pictures. A slight update as well, as I've been able to take a more clear look into the actual vest and compare it to other similar systems. Looking at my Osprey, I did remember something I do honestly miss on this vest, which are the small Camelbak specific buckles which are present on the Mk 2, as pictured: I've been spoiled by these little bastards here, which make it obscenely easy to equip or remove a Camelbak from my vest, no need to adju
  21. They have around the same shade in terms of luminosity, but the coyote tan is a brown hue, whereas the tan has a more of a khaki, slightly greenish hue to it. I can tell them apart, but they're very, very close. As for pictures, as of right now I think I don't have any in-use photos for them, but I'll try to get around to getting some ghettotastic bathroom photos.
  22. WAS's new Raptor in Coyote Tan Amazing bit of kit. A rather long review here for the curious ones. Setup: 2x Minimi (actually M60) type pouches in Tan, one with the internal divider and the other for general utility/dump pouch use 1x General/Medic Medium-sized Pouch in CT 1x General Radio/PMR Pouch in CT Needs moar pouches.
  23. I had noticed that as well but I can't say it's been anything more than a nitpick, especially considering even whilst fitting the vest I've yet to have removed them from their position. My complaint would be that at first glance it looked like they'd easily detach, but it hasn't been the case for me so far, neither in actual use nor in simply fitting the vest. I tend to grasp the vest by the shoulder section as I put it over my head, so they don't detach.
  24. First off, this review was originally written in Portuguese and posted on the PTAirsoft.org forums, here. I translated it as I find some people might find it useful around here, especially given how popular WAS gear seems to be within the UK. Without further adue… Warrior Assault Systems Raptor RAC Review 1. Introduction 2. Characteristics 3. Packaging/first impressions 4. Externals and functionality 5. Field use 6. Conclusion 1. Introduction Warrior Assault Systems (WAS) is a UK-based company that manufactures gear for theater use. All of the platforms they make,
  25. Really good looking Troppentarn-ness going on there, really like it.
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